I'm Flora. Fascinated with fashion since bumping into one of mom's old "Bourda-Moden" at the age of four. Grown up to be a fashion journalist and an obsessive shopper. Embraced own tackiness (at times) and being uncool. Constantly looking for new inspiration. A hopeless photographer. A dreamer.

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I opened this blog almost 4 years ago. Why? I love my clothes, and I want to share them, those big-little choices I make every day, with you people. I never walk by a piece of clothing, be it piled on the street, spread on a bush or hanging from a tree (happens often where I live), hence the name (I strongly recommend you do the same). It all started as a personal style blog, but with time, Clothes On Trees became more of a personalized magazine - with popular culture content, collaborations and a lot of hope for the future. I hope you enjoy it the way I do.

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