Friday, January 24, 2014

Easy Living

January turned out to be surprisingly busy. I do, however, find the time to pick up random finds in second-hands across the universe. This was taken on the way to somewhere, driven by the candy-stripe background matching my pumps and dress. Oh, and have I mentioned winter never came?

 photo DSCF3535_zpsf9d4aec6.jpg
 photo DSCF3533_zps94443ec4.jpg
 photo DSCF3540_zps31c91820.jpg

Dress - American Apparel
Jacket - same as here (so useful!)
Leggings - I Heart Ronson
Shoes - Zara

I can't wait for real summer to wear this dress to the beach, with my new pole-dancing-improved body (there, I said it...). In the meantime, it's paired with my best friends in the whole world, leggings (if someone would ask me what to pack for a long journey, this would be my only answer), made my this cute diffusion line for JC Penney, and a very useful jacket I picked from a free file somewhere. Life is full of surprises. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

14 Ways to Start 2014 Right

Three years ago, working for a magazine I now work for again, I was assigned to write a lightweight article about "starting the year". I wrote it, but my editor back then wasn't feeling it – it's too young, too silly, she said. Did you forget we aim for an all-inclusive demographic? So it ended up on my blog, and you loved it. Today I woke up inspired and felt like recreating that list. I love beginnings way more than ends (hardly original, I know ) and I often find myself dreaming, reflecting, plotting and planning, all in January. So – bear with me and let's begin 2014.

 photo HampMGOGOLD5E605D905DC05D505DD05E805D905E605E805D305E405D905D105E103_zps4b3c7847.jpg

1. Upgrade your sports wardrobe: I bought purple leopard-print Nike running shoes this year and never looked back.

2. Make this. It's a yummy, easy, healthy dream of a dish.
 photo 41_zps398c2999.jpg

3. Make friends with pants – yesterday when a pole in my closet collapsed from dresses overweight, I realized I have a problem.

4. Make friends with TV comedies – I recently started watching Subrgatory (so fashionably late) and now you can find me laughing in bed at 2 a.m. Other truly funny comedies: New Girl, Parks and Recreation and Party Down (please watch it).

 photo alex_zpsadf4fa6b.jpg

5. Find a new esoteric crush – I got my eyes on Alex Ebert. Who? Have you watched the Golden Globes?

6. Stay in bed all day and finally browse through your new cookbooks, magazines and fan mail (I'm going to be cuddling with this one).

7. Discover a Portuguese or Cape Verde singer – for some reason, it's my favorite language of all times. Mayra Andrade, Mariza, Lhasa, just take a pick - and prepare to fall in love.

8. Watch those Oscar-nominated movies! I especially enjoyed the humble Nebraska but no way it's going to win.

 photo pilotto_zps6b2c6148.jpg
My FAVORITES - you shall be mine

9. Treat yourself to a piece of Peter Pilotto for Target (bribe a friend if you're outside the US) - it's just so damn pretty.

10. Decide RIGHT NOW what festival you want to go to this year and perhaps buy the ticket. This is the last year I miss Coachella and Sundance, but it's not too late for this magic.

 photo fullsizephoto299150_zps2ab4bfa0.jpg

11. Learn how to ice skate. My own personal resolution and dream. Check this place out – they offer lessons for challenged adults such as us. Besides, have a Winter Olympics party!

12. Go have brunch at a Tel Avivian hotel – you can't afford staying there but you sure can pretend.

 photo Scarlett-Johansson-In-Max-Mara-Late-Show-With-David-Letterman_zps423bdb5c.jpg

14. Try the blue eyeliner - I know you've been wanting to. And Scarlett's retro hairstyle. 

14. Count how many countries you've been to so far – and set a new bar in 2014 (stupidly staring at Google Maps, inspired by this video of a Russian dude I know, I counted 17). Get out there. Go to Greece, it's about time. Just go. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Swans

Some fashion-loving ladies out there call themselves "curators" - they "curate" clothes. Sometimes I think I accidentally curate dresses with animal prints on them. Not leopard prints, but little tigers, horses and donkeys. Adding to the collection - swans!

 photo IMG_5322_zpsc4a94bf4.jpg
 photo IMG_5325_zpsa6c98297.jpg
 photo IMG_5326_zpsc39f1d94.jpg
 photo IMG_5327_zpsf3e135b8.jpg

Dress - Silence and Noise
Sweater and Jacket -H&M

I love this flattering dress paired with a Christmas-y sweater. I'm also partial to modular, layered looks, which fit perfectly into the fickle climate. And next time - different boots, I swear. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy accidents

Happy 2014 everyone. I have a vague feeling this year is going to be good - or at least intense and interesting. I will continue mixing new and old, crazy and appropriate, and I got a couple of surprises up my sleeve for the blog's future. Stay tuned!!  And in the meantime: I surprised myself by accidentally wearing something that might have been Isabel Marant for H&M. None of which I bought when the collection was still available.

 photo IMG_7951_zps63f0cabb.jpg
 photo IMG_7953_zps0e380e1c.jpg
 photo IMG_7957_zpsdb8d6e90.jpg
 photo IMG_7964_zps5c9a33ea.jpg
 photo IMG_7968_zps2c10aa3a.jpg

Dress - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Coat - JC Penney

A silky dress with a messy print? Check. Boots with fringe? Check. The coat may not be oh-so-Parisian dark blue, but the boxy cut is quite accurate. It's not that I didn't like Isabel's collaboration, but the overall hysteria around it put me off a bit. And here I am, prancing around SF's beautiful Duboce Park in a cheaper tribute - my old favorite boots and my new favorite dress. Life is strange indeed
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