Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fashionista/Bad Actress: Kate Bosworth

Dear friends! You may have noticed I've been offering all kinds of content lately, and this time I'm happy to present a new project: Fashionista/Bad Actress, which will shed the light upon amazingly fashionable actresses who simply can't act. The first in line: Kate Bosworth.

 photo burberry1_zps3a90498f.jpg
Showing off in Burberry

Kate here is 30, blond, has different eyes like David Bowie and the body of a runway model. No wonder stuff look so great on her. But unlike many skinny actresses, Bosworth also has a good stylist. Case in point: she always wears fashion-forward, hot-right-now designers, and looks as if the whole spring-summer collection was made entirely with her in mind.

 photo Kate-2010-Hollywood-Style-Awards-Red-Carpet-kate-bosworth-17680739-1306-2200_zpsfb031987.jpg
Making Jil Sander work
Plus, she's on point with trends. Be it spring leather, fringe, slits, whatever, Kate's got it. So the fashion part is right, for sure - but can we call her "actress" first, fashionista second? I don't know, I don't know. For once, I can not remember a single movie she's been it. Can you?

 photo parabalgurung_zps4f03b62a.jpg
Pretty in Parabal Gurung
Let's think harder - or better yet, use IMDB. The remake of Straw Dogs. Blue Crush?  Anemic and boringly good-looking, she's usually a shadow of her fashion-cred, pouty, barely-there sexy and plain boring. But at least she's dressing well! Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments. 

 photo kate-bosworth-michael-polish-big-sur-sundance-premiere-03_zps18126f5e.jpg
And she has a boyfriend to match....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flowers on my mind

There comes a moment in a girl's life, when she's asked to model - for me, whenever this moment comes (once in a decade), it's because of my hair. "We need a blond", said Natalie Kanevsky-Nativ, the creative force behind a range of beautiful, "flower-orchad" hair accessories, and I showed up.

 photo IMG_5643_zps4db31260.jpg
 photo IMG_5665_z
 photo IMG_5707_zpscca50e1a.jpg
Photography - Liya Geldman
Head accessories - Nastya_Olgan by Kanevskaya
Location - Eden Botique Hotel
Make up - yours truly

I do love a good amount of flowers, be they on top of my head or around me, and the result, in my opinion, is wonderful - I've never looked so good in a photo in my life, and the colorful, bright bands the girls had chosen for me work amazingly with the blond (there was a redhead "model", too, and I can't wait to see how that turned out). Plus, the photoshoot made me realize that the best solution for puffy eyes is a vail :) 

 photo IMG_5721_zpse7a968e1.jpg
 photo IMG_5735_zps8e3d2496.jpg
 photo IMG_5744_zpsf2860a66.jpg

Kanevsky-Nativ, whom I've known for a while through the local fashion scene, and Nastya Tsvetayeva, the statuesque figure behind a cool online botique, are planning to take Moscow Fashion Week by storm, and I do wish them luck - Moscow needs a good dose of springtime right about now.

And with that, I wish you all a great Passover and a flowerful, fulfilling vacation, you deserve one!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Fun: WTF, hula hoop bag?

As someone who've worked in fashion enough to know NOT ever trend is a realistic one, I'm more then delighted to find out this spring that others think like me and smirk, openly or descretely, at Chanel's giant hula hoop bag. Yes, fashion is not only about wearability, it is also an artform, but does art really refers to a big plastic hoop with a bag stuck to it?
 photo LOVE9_zps4afce1e6.jpg
LOVE, issue 9: the bag as a cover-up

And indeed, the "big" idea Karl Lagerfeld mustred this time was so wacko, that even the most respectful publications abandoned the righteous respect the Master is usually treated with, and adopted a whiff of irony instead. Articles such as "The hula-hoop bad: Explained!" or "tracking the infamous hula hoop" surfaced,  Anderson Cooper took a photo with one, after no other the Alexa Chung presented it to him, saying something like "I think Karl said it's practical". Ha.  

 photo wmagazine1_zps005722c1.jpg
W Magazine. calling the bag by it's name - surreal

But my favorite article so far is by Fashionista, which mocks the forced "creativity" the bag egnighted in magazine editors. Naked, futuristic, or riding it rodeo-style, models are stuggling with the odd piece everywhere from W to Elle, as if the use of the hula hoop is some kind of a fashion-loyalty test.

 photo ellefrancemarch2013_zpsd73cff18.jpg
Elle France: Riding it

This, by the way, is how Chanel had it in mind: as a part of a beach apparel!! Laugh or cry, but you can't shake it off (note the pun!) :)

 photo CHANELBEACH_1__2358843a_zps03d4412e.jpg

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Come to my מכירה ביתית !

והפעם, פוסט יוצא דופן - תקראו לו פרסומת, אבל העיקר שתבואו לבקר!

בסוף השבוע הזה אני עורכת מכירה ביתית בבית שלי, כמדי שנה,

ובה אמכור בגדי יד שנייה ווינטג' שלבשתי בעבר או לחלופין ליקטתי בשווקים בארה"ב.

 photo Together_zpse5154fb8.jpg
כמה מהפריטים שימכרו במכירה!

מכירות ביתיות הן בילוי מדהים בעיני, והפעם יהיו שני חדרים עמוסים כל טוב, עם:

- פריטי וינטג' מקליפורניה

- מותגים ואפילו מעצבים יד שנייה

- נעליים מכל הסוגים

- אביזרים: צעיפים, תיקים, תיקי איפור, חגורות ומה לא

- לקים ועוד הפתעות קוסמטיות

-מגזינים מדליקים ב-10 ש"ח

והכל (כמעט) עד 100 ש"ח לפריט. הסיור בבית בחינם :)

 photo together2_zps3b4cf162.jpg
וגם אלה יחכו לכן!

איפה? רחוב יהודה הלוי 71 דירה 2, תל אביב (מקביל לרוטשילד בין בצלאל יפה לנחמני)

מתי? שישי, ה-22.3, בין השעות 13:00-16:00, שבת, ה-23.3 בין השעות 12:00-18:00

אשמח לראותכן! שאלות במייל :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flowers on Acid

Being back in the concrete jungle of Tel Aviv, all I want is color, color, color. The Parabal Gurung for Target items - the shirt featured here and this comfy dress, serve my purpose beautifully. They were made, in hindsight, for the Israeli streets - loud, bold, exciting.

 photo IMG_3450_zpsba72ab42.jpg
 photo IMG_3453_zps30402104.jpg
 photo IMG_3452_zpsc4948480.jpg

Now, I don't want to preach to the big chains, but this, guys, is how you execute a collaboration - I wasn't that familiar with Parabal Gurung's work, and I guess the collection did reflect his signature style, but the result was simply pretty, well-made pieces with a kick, instead of wacky, hard-to-wear "designer" attire. This dress is effortless, it doesn't need much accessorizing, and this why I love it. Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pineapple Express

It started last year, when I found a pineapple-shaped bag on Asos. I thought it was pretty funny, and so did my friends. This spring, apparently, even more people thought pineapple is a great freakin' idea, hence the - drumroll - pineapple explosion we're witnessing. 

 photo 20_zps94ba6932.jpg

1. Dress, H&M 2. Shirt, mlLY 3.Bag, Moschino Cheap&Chic
4. iPhone cover, The Diary on Etsy, 5. Earrings, Forever21
6. Espadrilles, Solduos 7. Swimsuit, Anna and Boy 8. Wall decoration, Nashpop on Etsy

I don't know how about you, but the fact there's a "trendy" fruit deeply amuses me. Last year it happened that  Prada went  bananas, and everyone followed, but 2013 is all about the funny looking, tropical pineapple.

 photo 5E805E005D505D005E80_5EA05E605D505D205EA0_5D005D105D905D10_5E705D905E50_2013_5E605D905DC05D505DD0_5E705D505D105D90_5D105DB05_zps246e0a39.jpg

At the Renuar fashion show I attended (wearing this), not only there was a cute pineapple-printed dress, but all the models carried the actual king of fashion in nets, market-style. I'm not sure how I feel about real fruits as accessories, but the print is sure sweet.
 photo 5D005D505D505D40_5DC05DC05D90_5E705D505E405E80_5E605D905DC05D505DD0_5E905D90_5D905D705D605E705D005DC0_1_zps0cb1a57e.jpg

At another presentation later last week Lee Cooper had this dreamy pineapple shirt, with a bonus of tacky - a tie on the belly, just like in those vacation movies. On top of everything, or shall I say "previously", Moschino Cheap&Chic went completely pineapple for their spring-summer collection  - funky, but a little bit cartoonish for my taste.

 photo m3_zpsc96200b7.jpg

Either way, I'm delighted. I couldn't avoid this trend even if I wanted to - something about the clumsiness and the kitschy exoticity of the pineapple is engraved in my DNA. What to do if you're a pineapple person too? Get just one piece. Wear with white. Have  fun.  Join in on the comments.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fifty shades of grey

The weather is driving me insane. It's sunny, but the wind in messing up my curls.What to do? Impossible combinations are born this way, and this outfit is an especially lovely accident. Introducing, also, the first fake bling I bought since my comeback to Israel.

מזג האוויר משגע אותי. שמש ורוח. טמפרטורות שקופצות מפה לשם. מתוך הכאוס הזה נולדים שילובים מוזרים, אך מהנים, כמו זה. הצבעים האפורים אינם מקריים - כך תל אביב נראית לי לאחרונה, אפרפרה ומשונה.

 photo IMG_3362_zps97757384.jpg
 photo IMG_3364_zps49874ed8.jpg
 photo IMG_3368_zpsc5aa8c29.jpg
Sweater - Oui
Skirt - Mango
Necklace - Castro

I do love a chunky sweater with a floaty skirt, and/or a chunky sweater with some bling. But as much as the clothes are cool, the real star of this pictures is Jaffa, where my friend and I took a leisurely stroll. The colors, greys and whites, the textures, inspired me as much as the weather.

אני אוהבת שילובים של סוודרים עבים עם בדים קלילים, וגם של סוודרים עבים עם בלינג זול. השרשרת של קסטרו לא פחות מגאונית, ולצידה, מככבת לה בצניעות הגאונות של העיר יפו אהובתי. מורכבת ושקטה, היא שימשה כתפאורה למפגש עם חברה בשבוע שעבר, והיוותה השראה ללוק. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mother's Day: Whishful thinking

The 8th of March is known to be "women's day", but in Russia, where I grew up, this was always "mother's day" by association. So here's to my mom, who took me shoe-shopping as soon as I was able to walk. In Communist Russia. In the snow. In the name of style. Since my mom rarely listens to me when it comes to clothes (recently, there was a dispute over a striped jacket she finally agreed to label as awesome), I decided to build her a "dream wardrobe", courtesy of The Outnet - nothing cheap for the best mom in the world! 
 photo 18_zpsb1bdf208.jpg
Boy by Band of Outsiders jacket, Current Elliot Jeans, Rag and Bone shirt, Reek Krakoff shoes and bag
Chloe sunglasses, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet

I try to put my mom, a well-loved and cool high school teacher, in laid-back jackets and jeans, and also try very hard to make her understand flats are chic. Just for fun, I gave her a super-expensive bag for all her books and sunglasses, too.

For the evening, I've been trying forever to convince my mom to go for maxi dresses. She's tall and slender, yet maxi is a no-go according to her, for being "too old". Wrong! Long lines can be magnificently sexy and youthful. 

 photo 19_zps13cd686a.jpg
Roland Mourett dress, Alexander Mc Quinn shoes, Estee Lauder lipstick in Beige
Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry,Oroton Euro clutch
Also, for an unknown reason, my mom shies away from the luxury a woman her (young) age should, in my opinion, embrace. So I threw in a little velvet, diamonds, and great shoes (yes, FLATS). Happy, stylish, 8th of March, mom! How would you like to dress your mom?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playing dress-up

This week is busy with fashion events, and frankly, I'm getting tired. Yesterday, for the Renuar fashion show, I decided to not overthink it and put on this crazy kimono thing I found at a second hand in Berkley.

השבוע הזה עמוס באירועים אופנתיים ולמען האמת, אני כבר מתחילה להתעייף. לפתיח, התצוגה של רנואר, החלטתי לא לחשוב יותר מדי ולבשתי את הקימונו המטורף שמצאתי בחנות יד שנייה בברקלי. אז מה עם חברה שלי התחפשה בעזרתו ליפנית?

 photo IMG_3411_zps76372b37.jpg
 photo IMG_3412_zpsd0957501.jpg
 photo IMG_3414_zps777ebaf2.jpg
Dress - second hand
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Daliti

Not much needs to be added when you wear this colorful, mood-upgrading creation, probably sewn by hand some time ago. I just added my favorite add-ons and went. Color! Birds! And the length, which was going to be shortened, but I wasn't sure. The perfect piece forthis weird weather.

אין לי ממש מה לומר פה - לא צרך להוסיף הרבה לשמלה המגניבה הזו, שנתפרה ככל הנראה ידנית על ידי איזו אישה יצירתית בברקלי. פשוט הוספתי את כל התוספות האוטומטיות, ויצאתי לדרכי. האורך, שהתכוונתי לקצר, נשאר בינתיים במקור - מושלם למזג האוויר ההפכפכך הזה. 
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