Monday, April 29, 2013

Mediterranean Style

The heat wave is here. It's so hot, I have to think twice when I want to go outside and run some errands. This weekend I had no choice - the obligatory coffee with my best friend awaited! And this is how I choose to deal: light, Levant-inspired denim and the hottest trend around - the head scarf! Because my curls and this climate are no friends. 

 photo IMG_3805_zps852af927.jpg
 photo IMG_3804_zpse978458d.jpg
 photo IMG_3807_zps50d93f9a.jpg

Dress - Lee Cooper
Shoes - Topshop
Head Scarf - Marni for H&M

I love light denim and embroidery - this comfortable dress combines the two with ease. Extra-room in the armpits, I tell you, is a life-saver. As for the hairstyle, I'm relatively new to it and never sure whether I got it right. I do know it's rather cute and retro, and practice makes perfect. One of my very serious goals for 2013, by the way, was to experiment more with hair accessories and dos. A very serious goal indeed. 

Speaking of practice, out of all the "how to" scarf tutorials out there (and there's a lot of them) I kind of fell in love with this one. The accent, the look, the very Mad Men feel. Be my buddy, Super Kawaii Mama :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday Fun: The attack of the side.. butt?

So if you have a pulse and even the faintest interest in pop culture and celebrities, you must have seen this: the "scandal", the "pathetic dress", the fashion decision even Paltrow, the woman who showed up at the Oscars wearing a cape, shall I remind you, apologized for

 photo Gwyneth-Paltrow-ditches-underwear-at-Iron-Man-3-premiere_zps39542b22.jpg
 photo spl532466-014_zpsdd081ab1.jpg

This is, indeed, a shocker (designed by Antonio Berrardi and constructed out of two different dresses), but it's barely (ha ha) a first. We are, so it seems, in the midst of a new trend, the sassy successor of the sideboob - the side butt. Just a couple of weeks ago the Grammys brought us this: the "milder" version, courtesy of the every-upcoming Kelly Rowland, in George Chakra.  

 photo celebrity-arrivals-to-the-2013-grammy-awards-37-400x533_zps62b73371.jpeg

And who could possibly forget this: the white Kaufman-Franco creation turning attention, again, to Jenifer
Lopez's best (ass)set. Timidly and quietly, the sheer paneling hints, whether Gwyneth's backside screams. But was it all that bad? 

 photo jennifer-lopez-kaufman-franco-gown-parker-premiere-las-vegas__oPt_zps8af4c939.jpg

Perhaps, it all started with this? Gwyneth's best buddy, Stella McCartney, made a lot of starts blush with this polka-dot stuff, and even the matronly Kate Winslet here manages to look foxy. I don't remember my favorite blond spotting the dots, so I guess the very very sheer moment at the Iron Man premiere was a belated acknowledgement of the idea.  

 photo kate-winslet-polka-dot-dress_zps11b80299.jpeg

Either way, I think this a funny and humbling moment. Gwyneth always had some sort of a stuck-up aura around her, and this - wanting, so openly, to be sexy and generate some buzz, just makes her a human. Is this a trend worth emulating? Probably not outside of your bedroom, but for her, it worked. Not convinced? 

How about now? Do you side her side-butt? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red Around Town

What to do if you wake up on the morning of a H. Stern GrandiFlora fashion event and feel, out of the blue, weak and sickly? Color, color and more color - just as religiously as I believe in astrology, I put my faith in the power of different hues. Color, and new accessories, and you have the perfect remedy. You welcome.

 photo IMG_3766_zpsaea622c3.jpg
 photo IMG_3772_zpsf4edc2dd.jpg
 photo IMG_3768_zpsd046f888.jpg
Dress- second hand Jil Sander
Belt - vintage
Earrings - Liat Ginzburg
Bag - Honigman

Now, I'm so glad to present a post where every piece is precious. Color doesn't get more scrumptious then this crepe de Chine see through creation I found in a Second Time Around, a designer consignment store in Boston. The label red JIL SANDER and the price was 40$ - sounds like a no-brainer, right? It traveled back with me, only to be matched with my new lovely earrings, which I'm constantly being asked about, and this amazing bag. Hey, it can stand on the floor on its own! Love.

 photo IMG_3791_zpsfc64a616.jpg
 photo IMG_3784_zps7c2a2d5d.jpg

The event, by the way, was held in the new and much buzzed-about Taizu, all cut-out walls and see-through kitchens, Asian flavors and awesome weirdness - I think the notion the place is a fusion one inspired my outfit somewhat. Who doesn't want to be a sexy Oriental femme-fatal? Check out Katie Holmes posing for GrandiFlora here, and go dust off your red gowns.

 photo IMG_3781_zpse39ce6ca.jpg

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Screen Heroine: Perfect Mothers + Springbreakers

I don't know about you, but this time of year I'm starting to dream of distant getaways and vacations, and I'm probably not the only one - my Pinterest board lures me in with exotic beaches and in the movies - well, vacation never seemed more inspiring for directors. However, it's not quite the dreamy getaway we all wish for. Prepare for the stylish summer nightmare. 
 photo vacation_zps91b31193.jpg

1. Dress - NEAR BY for Story, 2. Sunglasses - Carolina Lemke
3. Swimsuit - Movilla,  4. Jacket - Mango, 5. Shoes - TOGO,
6. Listography, a book for making lists - המגדלור

One movie caught my eye this month - the Sundance indie Two Mothers (sometimes also called "Perfect Mothers"). Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, two perfectly attractive blonds, go on an island vacation, only to fall in love with each other's teenage sons. Needless to say, the palm trees and the sandy beaches will never look the same again. 

 photo vacation2_zpse1b8ec0b.jpg

1. Shirt - 7 For All Maniknd, 2. Sunglasses - Von Zipper, 3. Swimsuit - Intima
4. Shorts - Billabong, 5. Shoes - Native Kids for inside/out, 6. Skirt - העין השלישית

Another (pretty outrageous) movie takes on vacations with teen lust and dirt - Spring Breakers, the long-awaited new Harmony Korine mash up of crime, bikini bottoms and James Franco, puts the spring break on a coveted pedestal, worthy of stealing and riding in cars with strangers. I loved it, but then I always cherish a sweet kick of nostalgia. So what kind of  a"break" you want?  Disturbing affairs and self-hatered in paradise, or neon lights, adventures and Britney sing-alongs? Mature chic or teenage sluts? Taking the much needed vacation to new highs and lows, these two films make me very curious. Should we start packing?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fashionista/Bad Actress: Rachel Bilson

Our journey for the great fashionistas who can't act continues - This time on the chopping block in Rachel Bilson, the cute little "best friend" for Misha Barton's Marissa, back in the day of the show called "The O.C". Now, I loved the O.C, and I wasn't the only one. All Rachel had to do on that show was pout and avoid the boy who loved her since 5th grade, Seth Cohen. 

 photo CWCBSShowtime2012SummerTCAPartyArrivalsPAGaxWXOpVrl_zpsb72a49b8.jpg
Elegant in Malene Birger and McQueen

 photo 2013-Annual-Art-of-Elysium-Heaven-Gala-Arrivals-Rachel-Bilson-1_zps75803665.jpg
Daring in Valentino

Since the cancellation of that fancy soap, Rachel here became the very epitome of the FASHIONISTA, attending fashion shows, premieres and launch parties, dressed in top fashion. Her passion for designer grab got so huge and so well-admired, that everyone seemed to forget who's that girl and why is she invited. Not a bad place to be in life.

 photo MOCAAnnualGalaArtistMuseumHappeningCocktailMBH9oX6bbxDl_zps48725dea.jpg
Cute in a Chanel dress
 photo rachel-bilson-chanel_zps1f5157e1.jpg
And some more Chanel for you

These days, Rachel is the front woman of the much-mocked show "Heart of Dixie" - she's still cute, I bet she's still pouting, but nothing will change the fact her ability to wear clothes wonderfully is her number 1 skill. Do you agree? 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue and White

Independence Day in Israel, as long as I can remember myself, was always marked by "blue and white", the colors of the flag. The cooler kind always wore jeans and a white T-shirt. This is my version, shot in Jerusalem on a work trip to IVEL jewelry factory. 

 photo IMG_3624_zps3df6b579.jpg
 photo IMG_3626_zps09d6d486.jpg
 photo IMG_3629_zps6303c752.jpg

Dress - Vintage
Shirt - Primark
Shoes - Topshop

 photo IMG_3642_zps5fff20ca.jpg
 photo IMG_3639_zps568af608.jpg

When I'm in a truly patriotic mood, which doesn't happen often, I always think of Jerusalem and its' neighbouring villages. I'd spent two years of my life studying for my Masters in the Hebrew University, and the road to Jerusalem never seized to amaze - the YVEL factory, who was kind enough to host us and show us around, is right by that road, surrounded by these beautiful houses. It was a pure coincidence that my dress, my new shoes and my shirt fir right into the view. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quilt Me Happy

There's a wonderful fashion-world word called "whimsical". I see it less and less in magazines these days, and yet it's always on my mind when I deal with clothes. If you like funny, unpredictable stuff like me, you couldn't possibly say no to these two cuties.

 photo IMG_3605_zps9a05ecea.jpg
 photo IMG_3598_zps2a94cf99.jpg
 photo IMG_3609_zpse2db9740.jpg
 photo IMG_3596_zpsa27032f3.jpg

Jacket - Golf
Skirt - Bershka
Shirt - Golbary

This jacket, featuring a ferocious tiger and sporty, Varsity - style stripes, was bought a long long time ago and almost discarded a few times - I'm glad I regretted at the last moment. And the skirt - sigh - is so adorable! I should try more quilted fabrics, for sure - there's something comical, not-quite-fashiony about them, like wearing a blanket. Great stuff. And the inspiration behind this look goes to: 

 photo stuff_zpscc179fd5.jpg

Anonymous fashion bloggers who dare to be different! Do you think this look works?   

Monday, April 8, 2013

Brand (New) Love: Draw in Light

I've been working hard lately, and as a result, a new regular section is born - brands I found in the labyrinths of the web and fell in love. The first one to be featured - Draw In Light, a British brand by Polly Wilkinson and Harry Bradford, two women who teamed up together back in 2009 to create delicate, flattering silk-printed creations.  

 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_9_grande_zps913bcc19.jpg
 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_10_1024x1024_zps31ddddaf.jpg
 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_16_1024x1024_zps8fcf9690.jpg
Looks from 2013 Autumn-Winter collection

I'm such a sucker for prints - and better yet, for silk! I love the nonchalance the clothes project, and the thoughtfulness the prints reveal - in the brand's blog, you'll find a lot of musing about light, shadows and atmosphere, along with photo shoots and videos.

 photo DRAW_IN_LIGHT_SS_13_LOOK_18_1024x1024_zps2be3615f.jpg
 photo DRAW_IN_LIGHT_SS_13_LOOK_15_1024x1024_zps64f857e9.jpg
Looks from 2013 Spring-Summer collection

Sometimes, just like in relationships, we crave something that isn't exactly "us", but it could make us a better person - this is how I feel about Draw In Light. Like it could be me in another, slower, more spiritual time. 
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