Monday, July 29, 2013

Russian Mood

So apparently the Russians are everywhere! Attending the annual Fort Ross festival, at the historic location where my fellow countrymen settled in the US, I was amused to discover national costumes, reenactments, dancing and traditional crafts, plus some surprisingly good musical performances. In the spirit of the elaborate Russian attire, I mixed an embroidered vintage shirt with weather-fit helpings. 

 photo IMG_4339_zpsbbfffa40.jpg

 photo IMG_4345_zps4647a850.jpg
 photo IMG_4341_zpsd3f9ae84.jpg
 photo IMG_4346_zps92a6a0f0.jpg
 photo IMG_4342_zps19d4b70f.jpg

Shirt and belt - vintage
Tights - Miss Gaisha

I don't know how many Russians shop at garage sales for their own pleasure - from what I've seen on festival grounds, everyone was dressed in fine, new things, the kids neatly dressed and hair-styled, the adults in jackets and smart jeans. Russians, and you know I'm one of them, tend to go over-the-top, whether it goes for embroidered dresses and decorated headpieces, or the commonplace festival getup. This shirt and belt came from a brisk stop at Napa, where garage sales feature cotton, leather and other luxuries. It's the most delicate shirt. So Russian, and yet not at all. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aztec Concrete

Sometimes, the most regular objects can surprise you. When I wore this trendy, yet pretty everyday dress earlier this morning, I didn't think it's "blog material". But then, on my way to somewhere, this strange building appeared. Something about it connected with the patters and the cut-outs, some kind of an "ancient" feeling rose. This is the result: 

 photo IMG_4296_zpsf376e13e.jpg
 photo IMG_4304_zpsc2683630.jpg

Dress - Forever21, vest - Topshop

That goes again to say, sometimes the simple, trend-imitating chains can come up with adorable, elaborate wardrobe musts. I can't pass on a good print, and although this dress was bought at Goodwill and I don't know what season it belongs to, it reminds me of the African wave Forever21 captured so accurately here. This is what mysterious concrete formations are made for! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Screen Heroine: Ginger Rogers in Stage Door

I never took myself for an old-movies fan, at least not until I found myself in a relationship with one. Well, it has its perks - among all the films I saw during the last year, there are some true fashion gems. Stage Door (1937), portraying the struggles and triumphs of a group of actresses and dancers, is one of them, and in it, Ginger Rogers, the unassuming starlet-to-be, is the best dressed gal on earth. 

 photo Ginger-Rogers-Adolphe-Menjou-and-Katharine-Hepburn-Stage-Door-1937_zpsfa465b9c.jpg
The fur and the long dress - such a classic! Hepburn's dress isn't bad either
 photo 4fef3b2f8f581image_zps4ecbf8a8.jpg
I'm planning to copy and make this floral bell-sleeved heaven
 photo tumblr_m26v6i6Xmx1qb590so1_500_zpsf21fd372.jpg
The dotty romper is to die for, and so modern
 photo tumblr_mf84yikDSK1qcgwn4o1_500_zps77f60feb.jpg
And I even want her pajamas

These are the best pictures I could find, but if you'll watch the movie, you'll find many more treasures - beautiful evening gowns and an indulgent sleeping mask (apparently, Rogers was doing it way before me), coats and cloves and hair accessories, and all in the realm of one film!

** More Screen Heroine?**

Charlize Theron in Young Adult
Zooey Deschanel in New Girl
Greta Gerwig in Lola Versus
Perfect Mothers vs. Spring Breakers

If you'd like to go further and watch Top Hat, and other delights, like I intent to, you'll have to agree Ginger here got a lot of favors from the wardrobe department. Way before Mad Men, ever-playful and luxurious, she's my screen heroine of the week. Let me leave you with this:

Enjoy your week, the royal baby hysteria, and the summer!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite 3: The ironic romance

As Israeli "Valentine's Day" is approaching and my e-mail box is getting bombarded with hearts, pink jackets and rosy perfumes, it's hard to avoid pondering upon the commercial side of romance. Whenever I have to write something love-oriented upon a magazine's request, I prefer taking the ironic road to salvation. Just like these items: 

 photo 34_zpse9582b72.jpg

1. The dress - pants can be hardly be romantic, you must agree. So a dress - not just any dress, but a highly ornamental one, complete with tassels and a crafty leopard print. Comes from Mango, meant to be worn for humid summer dates. 

2. The accessories - can you really beat hearts and swords for real-life romance? I don't think so. These are made by jewelry designer Shlomit Ofir and called "Carmen". Que the music. 

3. The bag - sometimes, romance and childishness overlap, at least for me. This Asos bunny bag (now on sale, I believe) is the essence of them both. A present for the one you love most - yourself, since I don't believe even the most capitalism-oriented boyfriend will go that far. 

You're ornamental, not functional! 

The show I'm obsessed with right now, Scandal, is a catch-phrase goldmine. This one is what USA's president Fitzgerald Grant (or, as the magnificent Olivia Pope likes to call him, "Fitz") tell his wife, the ever-plotting "first lady". I have nothing to add.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Laid back lace

A black lacy top isn't an obvious daytime choice for a run of errands. And yet I've been meaning to pair this top with something, just anything, for the last couple of weeks. It's been in my closet forever and now that I tried it with my favorite floral jumpsuit, I'm not looking back.

 photo IMG_4254_zps885e6237.jpg
 photo IMG_4252_zpsc6931ea3.jpg
 photo IMG_4257_zps9e1a2170.jpg

Jacket - H&M
Jumpsuits and shoes - vintage

Maybe buying this shoes from a friend pushed me towards trying out something else - I do love this casual combination, proving a jumpsuit is the ideal friend for anything and everything, pretty much. Well worth fighting over at that garage sale!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Graduation: Shenkar Colledge 2013

It's that time again - time for design colleges graduation shows. While I'm not as well informed on other countries, in Israel this is a very serious time, usually evoking excitement and controversy. Shenkar, the leading Israeli institution for fashion design,  always has the most talked-about shows, a tough ticket in the local fashionista's calendar and a subject of endless speculations and rumors. 

I've attended as many graduation shows as the years I've been writing about fashion (here's last years review, and here's 2010) and let me tell you - at some point you know what to expect. You'll see men in masks, you'll see exaggerated coats, you'll see religious references and someone's gonna abuse plastic or leather - but every year, among all the students who strive to be unique and end up falling into a long legacy of overboard, childish collections, there are a few who excel and stand out. I couldn't attend the show this year, being on the other side of the world, but these are, nevertheless, my favorites. 

 photo adi_zps11532657.jpg

1. עדי בקשי / Adi Bakshi
 "גברת עם סלים"

It's no secret I appreciate an awesome sweater. Out of all the sweaters Shenkar graduates attempted to create in my time, this is by far the most optimistic. Yellow bows, flowers and embroidery, let's party! I also appreciate a nod to current trends. At times, students go for something far fetched, when the actual test is - can you make everyday fashion your own? The pajama pants answer this question positively. 

 photo inbar_zps0060ad57.jpg

2. ענבר קמפ / Inbar Kamp
 "Like a Virgin"

Well. Every year there's a wink towards street style, denim and such - a few years ago my friend Becca Johnson, who's now behind the awesome brand Ryika, blew this category out of the park. This time it's Inbar's turn - a Madonna reference is never a bad thing, especially when it comes with layered, puffy denim and cropped tops. Respect. 

 photo yael_zps1098660b.jpg

3. יעל גלייזר / Yael Gleizer

A word-play! Hell and Aloha? Sold. Again, a very creative approach to trends here - slim pants and  a matching bra top, a cape, beautiful textiles and unexpected references. This is a sophisticated collection that mocks the inspirations and embraces it at the same time - this is how a winning graduation set looks like. 

 photo anat_zpsbb72f879.jpg
4. ענת סבירסקי / Anat Svirski
 "הרפתקה ביתית"

It takes a lot of courage to present a collection with such a homey, unpretentious feel. The quilted coat and the oversized silhouettes  speak volumes, and the presentation is charming - on the runway the models wore vintage-looking lampshades as head accessories. Who doesn't like an adventure in their own home?
 photo inbal_zps36f5737d.jpg
5. ענבר פניכל / Inbar Fanikhel
 "מסעותי עם סמואל פניכל לפפואה"

More then anything else, in graduation collections I appreciate a sense of humor and an element of surprise - this jumpsuit/coat/Colonial uniform says it all, and I could never stay untouched by a little exotica. Beautiful linings, bold lines - I just want to escape to Oceania right away! 


The pictures are from this amazing TUMBLR: the collections are presented with inspirational mood-boards, the student's details and more. Highly advisable for a visit - if you find other favorites, do tell and we'll have ourselves an educated fashion discussion. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stars and stripes

As every other girl growing up in the 90s, my fashion sense was never short of affection for everything Americana. Cut-offs, cowboy shirts, the flag - you name it, I wore it one way or another. And what's more American then snapping this gorgeous denim dress at a Safeway parking lot (from a booth collecting for breast cancer research) and taking it out for some 4th of July fireworks and fish&chips? Yup, nothing. 

 photo IMG_4225_zpsafac2493.jpg
 photo IMG_4236_zps55d283a6.jpg
 photo IMG_4228_zps365b6fad.jpg
 photo IMG_4239_zps537a8f64.jpg

Dress- A.M.I
Headscarf - La Bodega
Jacket - H&M

I looked for this A.MI label everywhere online, but couldn't understand what it is about. Not that it matters - this roomy striped dress is so nice to wear these days, especially with a belt and a red contrast (very USA of me). For some reason, this look reminds me of Crybaby, the awesome John Waters movie where leather, bows and red lips combine. 

From where I stand, if you go Americana, you better go over the top kitschy and girly, with head accessories and volume. I do love volume. Happy belated Independence day, my American friends and temporary neighbors. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Very Best: All the rest

After my favorite make up and skin care posts, all there's left is to attend to the rest of the "best" - additional  items that make me feel pampered along the way. Perfumes, hair products, you know, all these things that result in you being unable to close your toiletry bag when embarking on a "spontaneous" trip of sorts. Anyhow, here they are:
 photo 27_zps928b1987.jpg

1, 2. Kiehl's Creme de Corps body lotion and peeling - I think it's kind of funny to use a body product with the word "corpse" in it. I know, it's french, and yet allow me to be blissfully ignorant for a moment. These products smell divine, and as Kiehl's recently opened in Israel, no longer a faraway dream. 

3,7. Paul Mitchel Awapuhi keratin mask and shampoo - I'm usually skeptical about hair treatments, let along ones with exotic names. But this duo smooths even the frizziest hair and leaves it soft and unbelievable. My hair! Soft!

4. Moroccanoil - Just the thing to apply to curly hair after shower. Tried other oils, they just won't do the trick. 

5, 6. Estee Lauder perfumes, Pleasures Intense and Sensuous - my mom used to spray herself with White Linen, back in the day in Communist Russia. I'm less sentimental, but the flowery smell of Pleasures reminds me of my childhood and of the smell in our vacation house's orchards. As for Sensuous, I literally fell in love with it in the airport one day - so cozy and warm. 

8. L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream - The only, and I repeat, the ONLY hand cream that doesn't annoy me with too strong of a scent. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite 3: The exotic fix

The summer is truly upon us these days, and I've been craving color and adventures. Ethnic mixtures, bold statements, funky nails and all these other cliches. I want them all!

 photo 33_zps2cd28abd.jpg

1. I actually did order thins Lilian Loeb for Uniqlo sweater in grey, but I do have second thoughts. The sweater is rather large and loose, and I think it would make a better statement in lime. 

2. I'm a known sucker for tassels, ethnic embroidery and embellishment, and these Zara sandals (on sale now, I believe) have it all. 

3. Lately, I've been working on the most elusive skill of all - the ability to file and color my own fingernails. While only partially successful, I do get an extra kick from interesting nail polishes. It doesn't get much better then Deborah Lippmann's "marbled" hues in Rockin Robin and I'm Not Edible. Yum.

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