Thursday, May 30, 2013

Favorite 3: The urban godess

Welcome to a new little section - brief and short and sweet, it portrays stuff I like!

 photo 30_zps5ffbb7fa.jpg

1. When I attended my own so-called "prom", I wore an acid green maxi skirt, a brown sparkly top and brown Greek sandals. I wish I wore this Greek Godess prom dress, though, from Twentyforseven

2. I can not resist tough jewelry every once in a while. These bracelets by Miri Gainsbourg, special for the new pop-up store Pop Up Box 69, opening in Tel Aviv this weekend, are beyond great. 

3. And one last thing - moccasins with horses on them? I'm in! Olive Thomas, a brand active in Tel Aviv since 2008 (by the designer Maya Levi) really outdid itself this time.  There are also flamingos and penquins, if horses aren't your pet of choice. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Swimming pool dreams

I am obsessed with swimming pools. I wrote an article last week around heiresses, and stumbled upon the pool at the Getty mansion, which inspired this. Their turquoise luxury for ever looks better in photos and photo shoots. Their chlorine smells never comes through the paper, that's for sure. 

 photo jessica-hart5_zps2f868570.jpg
 photo jessica-hart6_zpsc1617207.jpg
Jessica Hart for Foam Magazine
 photo EvaDoll05_zps9422bbff.jpg
Friday Magazine
Massimo Vitali art
 photo 02_Carine_Roitfeld_favorite_swimming_pool_paris_Piscine_Pontoise_CR_Fashion_Book_second_issue_zps9acd72c4.jpg
From Carine Roifeld's book

Lucky me, they're featured everywhere these days, from dreamy art work to fashion books to editorials to campaigns. My favorite ones feature the pool in its full glory - bright, sunny, seductive. Happy end of May, everyone....

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Very Best: Make Up

In the spirit of summer, the season of colorful make up and tan, it might be the time to acknowledge a fashion blog can not only be about the clothes. Unless you're someone like the Stylish Wanderer, taking pictures with your face off, it's usually there, a part of your "presentation".

SO... I've decided to indulge in an 'all times favorites" make up post. Not that I'm a pro, but after working for almost two years as a beauty editor, I was able to go through a wide range of products and pick my ultimate favorites. I'm a fan of the natural look, and love bright lips and nails. These are the things that keep my face up. 

 photo makeup_zps49d8b229.jpg

1. M.A.C golden Lustre drops - the ultimate eye shadow, highlighter, you name it! Plus, this tiny bottle lasts  for years.

2. M.A.C lipstick in Show Orchid and Utterly Delicious (4) - orange and fuchsia are my favorites.

3. La Mer concealer - I have dark circles since I was a little girl, and coverage doesn't get any better then this. Again - a little package will last a lifetime. 

5. Givenchy Le Prismissime 9 Colorsbox - happy neons, blues and neutrals - when I want a colorful eye (usually after reading too many magazines), I go for this compact pallet, which comes with three kinds of

6. O.P.I nail polishes in Roll in the Hague and Tickle Me Fancy - the first, a happy orangy-red. The second,  a delicate pink with a hint of purple. Muted toes and screaming nails in the rule I live by.

7. Lancome Hypnose Star mascara - I've been a Lancome fan since my mom first introduced me to it, and used their mascaras for ever. The Star is a true bliss - curling, for real, and rich without clogging.

8. Givenchy PhotoPerfexion Light Fluid foundation -I might actually use make up once a month (for a very, very very special occasion), and this one lives up to its fancy name. The sheerest of sheer, and highly moisturizing. 

 photo IMG_5669_zps1ea53909.jpg

With that, I'm concluding my list. Expect more cosmetic goodness to come, and share your favorites in the comments.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

White Holiday

Today is Shavuot eve, an Israeli holiday devoted to cheese, white, agricultural wealth and flower bouquets  I realize it all sounds very strange, yet wearing white (and a bouquet on your head, improvising) is irresistible. 

 photo IMG_3995_zps39c67831.jpg
 photo IMG_3997_zps71f03eec.jpg
 photo IMG_3998_zpsc46a1a41.jpg

Dress- from New Zealand, god know what brand
Headpiece/necklace - Liat Ginzburg
Shoes - TOGO

I just collected my favorite necklace from mending, and got inspired to wear it on my head. Holiday spirit took over me...Happy Shavuot!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vintage Spirit

I would hardly call myself a "jeans and t-shirt girl" - I mean, an astronaut can notice I live in skirts and dresses. "Jeans and t-shirt", let's be honest, is an interesting look only if you're modelesque, and then you might as well wear nothing. I'm not inspired. But recently, pondering upon the role of pants in my life, I came to think I might start going toward "jeans and fancy shirt girl" - jeans, fine, always skinnies though, with a feminine, beautiful top. Here's my first step: 

 photo IMG_3907_zps96ed54c5.jpg
 photo IMG_3908_zpsca1c6d43.jpg
 photo IMG_3905_zps784456c8.jpg

Jeans - Lee Cooper
Shirt - Vintage

I really wanted ripped, bright jeans this spring - being impatient with jeans, a non-fussy trashy looking pair was my goal. This vintage top, given to me by a dear friend, "completed the look" as they say, with a folkish, laid-back vibe. All was documented on the roof of Roni Arnon P.R office, where the cactus flora provided the much needed "wild west" feel. And wild west is what jeans exist for, no?  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lingerie Surprise

Last week, I was invited a to a very happy event where no man was allowed - a bra fitting at Jack Cobe, a chain which carriers such sexy brands as Passionata, Maidenform, Lejaby and more. This got me thinking about bras, and about the journey I've been through in regard to this little tiny piece of fabric and steel. Lets just say I've never been the sports-bra kind of girl - lacy, out-there numbers caught my eye early on, and I never looked back. Bras should be fun, and so is this game I decided to play, pairing up very real and affordable bras with dreamy fantasy dresses. 

 photo 3-10_zps5b89a749.jpg

The dress: Mary Katranzou for Current and Elliot
The bra: Passionata (I got myself this one and it's super comfy)
The Idea: Creativity, inside and out
 photo 1-9_zps0a69976f.jpg

The dress: Mango
The bra: Passionata
The idea: Your folk dress finally met her soulmates

 photo 4-5_zps86bc779f.jpg
The dress: Next 
The bra: Lejaby
The idea; Full-on surprise, on every level photo 2-8_zps4101bc38.jpg
The dress: Common Raven
The bra: Chantelle
The idea: Serious at first sight, a wild lady underneath

I love experimenting with pairings, but I don't think I ever matched my undies to my dress, other than for fit. Seems like actual fun! Also, I'd like to notice that out of all the bloggers and journalists present at the event, I was one of the very few who went for a colorful set. My colleagues sheepishly stuck to neutrals, which is a bummer. Do you have a favorite color besides black, white and beige? Do tell.
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