Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bohemian Rapsody

So you know how all the taste-makers say they like mixing "high and low" fashion? A vintage jacket with designer boots? This cliche of dressing well have ruled the style book since the 90s, against all odds. I can not afford "high', unless it's a second-hand find. I can certainly score "low", on the highest floor of a department store back in my NYC memories. The result: mixing the unmixable!

 photo IMG_4910_zps0805aab8.jpg
 photo IMG_4912b_zpsba2f1f25.jpg

Shorts - Urban Outfitters

I never thought I'd like snake print, let along in these hues and in silk. But the tanned fella by the name Michael Kors (somehow, Michael, your diffusion line shirt ended up at a local vintage store!) knows his business - it's a super-flattering number, lingering on the body just so and revealing a hint of cleavage. Paired with embroidered cut-offs from the chain that does everything right, 10$ on sale, you just can't go wrong. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to comfort

Fashion week is over, and I'm back to California, where the sun is shining fiercely and there is no subway, people in suits or tense faces. Relaxation is king, and this leisurely caftan-dress feels like the natural choice for a weekday breakfast. Yes, 11 a.m. 

 photo DSC00302_zpsfeda0e59.jpg
 photo DSC00303b_zps1d1e7779.jpg
 photo DSC00306_zpsa32e0b01.jpg

Dress- Second hand from Beacon's Closet
Glasses - Karen Walker

Overwhelmed by the abundance of this amazing second hand, I decided to buy whatever "jumps" at me from the rack - this dress did. I love how comfortable it is - the cut is so forgiving, and the cotton fabric doesn't cling - I must confess, it's been my lounging outfit since I landed, hence - I just didn't change when going out! The only blast from Fashion Week is the huge, whimsical sunglasses I got from Karen Walker, already a winner with the local Safeway crowd. Thanks, New York! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Fashion Week: Days 4-5

When it's 90 degrees outside, you try to make it to all the shows. and stay fashionable on top of that. Days 4 and 5 have been pretty exhausting, not to mention scorching hot and demanding. But I'm wearing heels again (carried in the bag to the venue, worn in a dark alley. 

What I saw: Nanette Lepore. Marc by Marc Jacobs. Mordechai by Ken Borochov. Alon Livne. Smaller events and presentations were the key of these last days, and curiously enough, the mini-hype made them more intimate and memorable. Alon Livne, my fellow Israeli, presented a bold, futuristic collection, Lady Gaga's wheelchair designer sent gagged girls down the runway at the Standard hotel, and Marc... He just knows how to pick he right soundtrack. 

 photo IMG_4812_zpsd5b91904.jpg
A golden amazon in Mordechai
 photo IMG_4805_zps1c51a106.jpg
Alon Livne's beautiful aliens
 photo IMG_4775_zps778e2eb2.jpg
Waiting for Marc to start

What I wore: high street and designer. For day 4, I went for a mixture of simple things with a little helping of awesome shoes and what turned out to be a very, very handy accessory, a fan - kindly given to me by Fancy Hand Fans. Plus, debuting a great start-up that received so many good reviews on the otherwise unfriendly New York subway: the double necklace! 

 photo IMG_4786_zps5af3024c.jpg

Skirt - Forever21, shirt - H&M, shoes - vintage, fan - Fancy Hand Fans

For day 5 I aired the new dress I bought at Beacon's Closet, an amazing find in Brooklyn - See by Chloe, no less, pure silk, accessorized with golden shoes and a heavy chain. And my bag, hiding a pair of flats. Shhh....  

 photo IMG_4824b_zpsae6785bf.jpg

So Fashion Week is over for me - I liked big parts of it, I would've liked it even more if I had friends to enjoy it with me, and I'm most defensively not going to bring heels next time. Platforms, perhaps. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 3

By day 3, I got used to Fashion Week - used to the posing, used to the commotion, used to the seating arrangements, to my own defeat by heels. But the fun doesn't stop! 

What I saw: Carolina Herrera. Tommy Hilfiger. Assembly. Karen Walker. Maki Oh. Fashion-wise, it was a very successful day - I loved most of the shows and didn't feel sad and bored under a pile of pinstripes. Karen Walker was an explosion of color and luxe fabrics. Hilfiger brought the wet suit back, plus sand. And Maki Oh, a relatively new designer, showed amazing dresses and textures - again, I got a big admiration for African taste apparently.

 photo IMG_4723_zps9df596c9.jpg
Karen Walker does summer with a capital S
 photo IMG_4735_zps4a102d22.jpg
Cool nails and beautiful prints at Maki Oh

Who I met: Anna Wintour and her doppelganger. Molly Sims, the celebrity mystery. The Man Reppeler. Jessica Joffe. Nina Garcia. A big day for industry insiders and icons - such a Bill Cunningham, the photographer I had to preach a couple of tourists about. Isn't Joan pretty? Also discovered Noam Frost, our very own Israeli model, at the Arkas presentation. I smiled at her, she must have thought I'm a lunatic. 

 photo IMG_4712_zps8febfca5.jpg
Noam, representing
 photo IMG_4702_zpscb77176a.jpg
Not a local, but oh so gorgeous - Joan Smalls
 photo IMG_4683_zps250d2b51.jpg
The one and only - Bill

What I wore: My BF's shirt, a vintage skirt and belt, my favorite "cheap hooker" clutch. Another day for flats - I realized that ladies who prance around on sky-scraper hills can probably afford taxis everywhere and don't have to walk from Lincoln Center to the pears and back. Plus, I needed some pick-me-up comfort due to a major lack of energy, thus - the shirt. With a fierce red lip, anything goes I think. 

 photo IMG_4700_zpsa568b9e0.jpg

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 2

Getting to know the grid and the spaces, day 2 was inevitable less stressful. Plus, I decided not to sweat it and wore flats, which elevated my mood to heights no heels possibly could. This day begun on a bright note with smaller designers, and ended with a huge, loud show in a dark hangar stuffed with Asian fashionistos - intimacy, note to myself, is a much needed and rather lacking product at Fashion Week.

 photo IMG_4667_zps54b7a79a.jpg
Wonderful prints at Jeremy Laing
What I saw: Lela Rose. Jeremy Laing. Creatures of Comfort. Y-3. The first two actually presented un-boring, spring-like, wearable clothes - the prints are yummy. Granted, I was pretty late to Creatures of Comfort, but the venue and the setting were adorable. Y-3 had live drumming. One word: Wrong. 

 photo IMG_4654_zps99e4e8ba.jpg
Suzy Bubble and blonds in the front row across

 photo IMG_4676_zps27c2d369.jpg
Endless lines outside Y-3
 photo IMG_4671_zps57b27150.jpg
A colorful reporter caught my eye
What else did I do: Checked out Opening Ceremony's pop up store by the river. Got pampered at the Birchbox lounge. I took the day easy and let myself enjoy Sunday delights - Opening Ceremony has a delightful space on pier 57, including table-tennis and ice cream, and right across the street, Birchbox offers free make-up samples and an brow-bar (terrifying!) for "insiders" - even if they are from an Israeli magazine the girls at the door never heard of. Free samples. Including this thing I'm going to try, dry shampoo. 

 photo IMG_4646_zps662ef8da.jpg
Nothing like a good pop-up
What I wore: A starry dress and flats, yes!! My feet hurt so badly from yesterday, I decided to do it Sunday style and went for relaxing flats. The dress, made by my mom's tailor back when she thought having a tailor is a posh idea, compensated. Plus, Liat Ginzburg's earrings!

 photo IMG_4642_zps17f3003e.jpg

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 1

SO. After a week of hiatus and quiet, I'm back. No trees and small towns this time, I went to New York Fashion Week and survived my first day (so much fashion!!) to tell. I'm so tired and overwhelmed. And very excited. For a first-timer, fashion week can be a very trying experience, not short of humor - just imagine anime-looking Asian guys almost getting run over to photograph Joan Smalls upon leaving a show. I spent most of the day smiling in disbelief. 

What I saw: Lacoste. Jil Stuart. Alexander Wang. Altuzarra. The pajama still rules and so do stripes, pastels, um, pajama-like jackets. Interesting and distracting shapes around the belly, good news no doubt. Altuzarra had dreamy metallic gold, too. 

 photo IMG_4616_zps57533135.jpg
Alexander Wang does white gloves now
 photo IMG_4626_zps781cfa9e.jpg
Photogenic commotion
 photo IMG_4608_zps6905a5d0.jpg
All the girls are so pretty this season", said a security guard"
 photo IMG_4629_zpsf2563e76.jpg
Privileges and my favorite water!

Who I met: Maggie Gylennhaal, in the bathroom. Edie Campbell's thighs. Kanye West's limo. All the bloggers. My colleague Rey Segev, who's going to take over the big apple soon. And - sigh - my not-so-secret crush Terry Richardson. This is where I lost all inhibitions and took a picture with him. I'm a terrible mingler, so I mostly paparazzied beautiful black girls. 

 photo IMG_4609_zpsff745088.jpg
Rey and I in Central Park, although you can't really tell
 photo IMG_4627_zps8e47ca4d.jpg
Oh, terry. I'll switch dots for plaid, any time
 photo IMG_4578b_zps71113657.jpg
Great attitude, even greater colors

What I wore: Humble yet stylish Asos and vintage. Arriving for the first time, you don't want to don your most colorful outfit and run to the streets - better check the water first. So I went for a pattern mix, not too much but no too casual either. My goal: wear nothing but cheap, second-hand or vintage to this super-expensive feast of fashion. 

 photo IMG_4575_zps5f5cbc58.jpg

In the spirit of Fashion Week, I had to pull in together and pretend I have a perfect figure - I used this little trick called Roundbum, a neat little pair of underwear that packs your bum and lifts it to supermodel level - crucial with a figure-hugging skirt like this. Made by Roundwear, my beige new friend is quite fun to wear, even if I can't show'em! So heels, lifting panties...what will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!
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