Friday, June 28, 2013

African heat, or how to survive a bare midriff

As a proud owner of an African-print upholstered rocking chair, I really don't think professing my love for African fabrics is necessary. I'm doomed. Doomed I tell you. Having said that, I don't really have a lot of the said fabric in my closet. Finding the right African-inspired piece, unless you can afford Suno or Piter Pilotto of course, is a real tough ticket. So no wonder I stormed into Forever21, making inappropriate tribal sounds, when I saw this duo in the window display. 

 photo IMG_4193_zpsd649cead.jpg
 photo IMG_4191-Copy_zpsb255fed9.jpg
 photo IMG_4187_zpsf8b98f36.jpg

Shirt and skirt - Foreve21
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - Liat Ginzburg

Looking rather skimpy on the plastic manikin, the shirt surprised me with a good fit, and the skirt followed - I snapped the two items and ran home, refusing to believe my luck. It's such a joy when a cheap chain does it right, and a double joy when everyone thinks your outfit is way more exclusive then אn actually is. And hey, even "mind the gap" here works - unless you have real stomach issues, don't be afraid to allow yourself a tiny, classy cap between the skirt and the top. I wasn't, and now I roam free feeling like a cool zebra in new red heels. Or something. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Take me to the resort (2014 collections)!

"Resort" collections are a very tricky phenomenon, bound to ever confuse fashion newcomers. Are these vacation clothes? Why there are sweaters then? Who's supposed to buy this stuff? Well, let me tell you ho I look at things - forget the name. Forget the confusing "2014". Resort collections, in my opinion, are there to present designer creativity between the season shows, which are usually all about trends. Resorts are simply about beautiful clothes, delicately trendy, meant to be worm, not worshiped. It doesn't mean you can't take them to a vacation though. These are my vacation dreams, inspired by 2014 resort collections. 

 photo gucci-resort-2014-28_zps87a55702.jpg

Who: Gucci
What: Happy colors and glitter dreams.
Where: Pink sunsets, Mediterranean vibe, long steamy nights and a party vibe - it must be Lisbon! 

 photo tumblr_mnxb0ddi5L1qa7p1yo1_500_zpsfbb551d5.jpg

Who: Erdem
What: Feminine dresses, see-through fabrics, romance
Where: Paris, where I'll be staying in Mama Shelter and feasting on terrines and cheeses day or night

 photo ToryBurchResort2014_1_zps68ab07bb.jpgt

Who: Tory Burch
hat: Embroidery, patterns and pom-poms
Where: Only Mexico, preferably Isla Mujeres, where seviche and beer will stain my beautiful clothes

 photo Burberry_prorsum_resort2014_zps613ad833.jpg

Who: Burberry Prorsum
What: Beige hues and white heels
Where: London's calling me, and yes, I'll take a sweater while I hop between galleries and museums

 photo jonathansoundersresort_zpsc451f8ca.jpg

Who: Jonathan Saunders
What: Crazy flowers and corals, bright colors
Where:  South Africa, where I'll wear this for a rooftop party and mingle with sexy Joburgers

 photo JasonWu_resort2014_zps70781135.jpg

Who: Jason Wu
What: Black and white prints, skinny silhouettes, tropical appeal
Where: A Japanese vacation - this sexy/reserved combo will look great on the bullet train

 photo chloeresort2014_zps3bc1e957.jpg

Who: Chloe
What: Flowing suits, tons of white, understated chic
Where: Copenhagen, where I'll be waiting in line for Noma in the most nonchalant way possible

And here's another thing - if you look at the Resorts closely, not burdened by the need to score trends and hot items, you'll see a true celebration of taste, great clothes and relaxed attitude - exactly what fashion is about for me. Now, someone book me a vacation....!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Like a schoolgirl

They say you just have to imagine something, the the universe will "summon" it. As I usually shy away from such spiritual notions, this one, I've discovered many times now, must be true. And as it applies for big and important things such as love, money, etc., this mental trick also works for nonsense - say, the perfect shoes.

 photo IMG_4161_zps914f290f.jpg
 photo IMG_4163_zpsc02e5276.jpg
 photo IMG_4165_zps36c26a8e.jpg

Shoes and dress - vintage from the store pictured

So this Saturday I was casually strolling through the sunny town of Occidental, when suddenly I found THE shoes. Sheer, with a small heel and lacing, I was just thinking I do need some heels in my life. And yes, they go really well with this dress, also found in "Such Fine Things" (I could live with this name) - but for some reason, I left it in the store. I felt like a schoolgirl in it, and it's summer time after all. Thoughts?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Fun: Prada knows all my secret desires

Here's the thing: Someone in Prada headquarters must be reading my diary. Or frequently visiting my Pinterest board with the shameful name "Guilty Pleasure Men". Otherwise, how can you explain this:

 photo Prada_Menswear_FW13_Campaign_Christoph-Waltz_zps8231fda8.jpg
Spring 2013: Waltz proves there's nothing he can't do
 photo prada-fall-2013-menswear-campaign-001_zpse8e6c79c.jpg
 Fall 2013: Could you be any more perfect

For some time now, the wonderful fashion powerhouse has been running brooding, borderline genius campaigns featuring charismatic actors - 90% of them are deep in my dream-list. Last fall it was the steamy Garret Hedlund, the conspicuous Dafoe, the ever-relevant Gary Oldman and that guy from Billy Elliot, which may not be my favorite but is undoubtedly sexy. Hedlund and the rest, however - mmmmmm. The look in their eyes. The promise of their dirty, untamed nature. The crazy spark when they laugh. There's no words. 

 photo oldman-bell-hedlund-dafoe-by-david-sims-prada-menswear-fall-winter-2012-2013-ad-campaign-8_zps241ce2dd.jpg
 photo Gary_Oldman_Pradafall2012_zps3750d65a.jpg
Fall 2012: Oldman with a briefcase. Dafoe in fur. Enough said

Then this spring it was the dreamy Dan Dehaan - an actor I'm yet to see in action, but whose clear-blue eyes and crooked mouth, not to mention the skinny structure, are the stuff that dreams are made of. And the spring before - the baby-faced, tough-on-the-inside Michel Pitt, who I have a secret crush on since before  "Boardwalk Empire" became so boring. 

 photo prada-menswear1spring2013_zpsa7076fbd.jpg
Spring 2012: Dan Dehan is too skinny for this suit
 photo Prada-Men-RTW-SS12-2-620x413_zpsc6f12b77.jpeg
Spring 2012: Michael Pitt sure can wear prints

But this time... This time Prada outdid themselves, tapping two of the hottest men on the planet, in my book. Christoph Waltz had been on my mind ever since I heard his soft voice, combined with the finest sort of cruelty, in "Inglorious Bastards". Ever since, I keep "selling" his sex appeal to whoever may hear, often met with hostility. "He's sooo weird and sleazy", friends would squirm. What will they say now, looking at the awesomest men alive nonchalantly modelling some very expensive sun glasses? And Ben Whishaw, the british epitome of scruffy-walking sex? Seeing him dressed in fancy Prada, looking like a little boy, made my day. Forget it - my whole week. Which brings me back to the question - Prada, did you do all this especially for me? Thanks a lot.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fashionista/Bad Actress: Jessica Alba

Seems to me it's time for another look at good fashionistas who don't count acting skills among their blessings. A break from "me, me, me". Jessica Alba here is a great summer candidate. Just like Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth, my previous heroines, her movies are scarce and forgettable, made for kids or kid-like men who drool over her undeniably fantastic curves, and while everyone remembers her dancing scene in "Sin City", an intellectual individual would have a really hard time remembering where the hell else she played. Wherever it was, you probably won't remember her "acting" in it. But don't worry: 

 photo jessica-alba-jessica-alba-does-dior-olsen-twins-news-8a95c400fa75f489bb3f0471f310b54c_zpsf978dd17.jpg
 photo article-0-1220440B000005DC-226_634x8431_zps86ae3ba6.jpg
 photo casual-chic-style-assymetric-jessica-alba_zps5ff3543f.jpg
 photo jessica-alba-style-180810-4_zpsdc6c5519.jpg

Acting aside, Alba has a truly admirable street-style. Effortless, trendy, borderline sexy, you name it. She's very good with casual looks, flowy skirts, skinny pants and everything else remotely associated with street fashion blogs. In fact, at times she really looks like one. Having two daughters (sometimes I wonder if a new celebrity category, "famous moms", the kind that's only famous for having beautiful babies, will emerge some day) she also has plenty of chances to display her outlook on children clothes, and unless little Honor and the other kid have stylists, the way they look suggests Jessica really has a good taste. And on the red carpet:

 photo jessica-alba-in-dolce-and-gabbana-spy-kids-4-premiere__oPt_zpsabef8724.jpg
 photo Jessica-Alba-red-carpet-fashion-trend-Golden-Globe-2012_zpsaced86a4.jpg

She looks equally good pregnant or thin. I'm not a fan of hers in particular, but I must admit there's something about her choices, and her cute, slightly puffy face, that makes her style kind of adorable and accessible. The same exact face, with the imprinted doll-like expression, prevents her from actually acting well. But who said the world is a fair place. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Isabel Marant and me

So everybody's talking about how H&M finally came back to their senses and summoned a popular collaborator. Covering the fashion industry for so many years, H&M collaborations pave my career like little rhinestones, some are shiny and brilliant, and some, well, are a bit off. I was there for Marni for H&M and I've touched (and wore) Lanvin and Sonya Ryikiel and ignored Margiela. But I must admit the announcement about Isabel Marant for H&M  excited my weary soul like no other -  try and explain your boyfriend why are you so hyped  at 2 a.m when he's completely unaware of the existence of both. 

 photo IMG_3956_zpse795a1f1.jpg

Marant is the wizard of understated sexy, the queen of cool, and she has a thing for cowboy shirts and huge sweaters - and while some of my colleagues, like Shelly Gross here, love her for the grey sweatshirts and Parisian jeans, I love her embellishments, embroidery and color. Let's see what H&M will go for. I'm  voting for all those bad-tasted wonderful things purists resented Marant for, after a while. 

 photo IMG_3961_zpse0c80743.jpg

Dress - Isabel Marant
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (I can't walk in them really)
Knitted Bag - Marina Fossati
All - from La Botega, Rishpon

I wore the "real" Marant just once - when visiting the designer outlet La Botega earlier this month. Walking among discounted Valentino, Kenzo and Roberto Cavalli, I found the lightest, sexiest snake-print dress, with Marant's attitude all over it. It begged for some fuchsia accents, and for a night out. I tried it on but didn't buy it, although it was very fairly priced, same as pretty much everything in this pastoral new store. I'll wait for November. 

 photo marantfavorites_zpsa40dca32.jpg
Right to left: Fall 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2013
And although I suspect a snake print dress is not going to be among the collaboration, I couldn't resist  following Shelly's lead and wishing for: the refined shirt. The knit of my dreams. The body of Arizona Muse so I could wear this beige duo. Au revoir, mes amis. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite 3: The classic vacationer

This time, these basic color beauties caught my eye. Summer, on one hand, is all frills, fringe and flowers, but sometimes exactly that drives me back to basics.

 photo 32_zpsdeca9a41.jpg

1. Cobra swimsuit - a retro cut that never fails. I know a lot of girls, women, however they choose to call themselves, who are dreading the beach season, but this piece is danger-proof.

2. Mik an Mor "basket" bag - I'm the last person to recommend a heavy leather bag for summer, but this is no bag! It's a little basket you can carry in your hand! Ok, who am I kidding - it's beautiful though. 

3. And finally, something I could possibly afford - Elizabeth Senmeville + Melissa platforms of the coolest kind. Only 115$ and they're mine. Or yours. Whoever comes to her senses first.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cream of the Crop

I don't know how, in one month, I got from zero cropped sweaters to 4! I just don't. The "cropped" idea has always been on my mind, mostly with t-shirts and such, but a sweater? Then I online-spotted Jennifer Lopez in a cropped Topshop sweater with a tight pencil skirt and heels. I was hooked. Cropped sweaters are so fun and easygoing, as they "go" with pretty much everything. 

 photo IMG_4080_zpsa2e7caa1.jpg
 photo IMG_4078_zps084852a2.jpg
 photo IMG_4075_zps7a16c2fb.jpg

Sweater - Topshop, skirt - vintage, necklace - from Cuba

So this one is white, exactly like the one worn by Miss Lopez, and has the cutest cuts on the sides - rather slimming, I think. I'm in love, but even in the midst of passion I can admit a mistake - looking back, I think this combination would've looked better with some sort of heels. Since I rarely wear them, and this look, just like everything else on my blog, was actually photographed on the go, I was wearing flats. But say, if I was a true style-blogger warrior, heels (perhaps chunky wedges) could have been a better choice. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Very Best: Skin Care

Everyone seemed to love the Best Make Up post, so I decided to follow with two more - this time, let's talk about skin care. Not too long ago my very good friend Nina approached me and said - I want to start being good about skin care. What should I do? I had the pleasure of recommending her my favorite products, and we're on the same page (or shell  say shelf....?). These are the products I love and trust for some time now:

 photo 28_zps58433242.jpg

1. YSL Top Secret Toning and Cleansing water - ever since the YSL range made an appearance in my life, I'm addicted. This cleanser is light as a feather, and very effective.

2, 3. YSL Forever Youth Liberator serum and moisturizer - another couple of staples. This stuff is expensive, let's not ignore that, but the smell, the texture, the silky skin you get with it - so worth it. 

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye serum - if you're on of those people (girls... women...) who like bed-time rituals, this is the product for you. Applying it before bed feels really good, and you wake up with bright, smooth skin around the eyes. 

5. L'Oreal Paris eye make up remover - a loyal cheapy I've been using for ages. 

6. Clinique All About Eyes cream - the eye cream of my dreams. Meeting its beige, rich texture every morning has been a great habit. 

7. Carita Ideal Hydration Lagoon facial peeling - given to me by a PR company back in the day, this amazingly smelling peeing is my go-to peeling, while in the shower. Twice a week, and you're in paradise. 

Stay tuned for the last part sometime soon :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Short is for shorts!

So I don't know how ironic this writing behind me is, which I completely ignored while taking the pictures. Anyhow, it's officially summer and yet again I present you - shorts! I also have a small confession to make - I've been living on reruns of Sex and the City, and I guess Carrie's constant partial nudity got to me. 

 photo photo-1_zps32212e6a.jpg
 photo photo2_zps91813893.jpg
 photo photo1_zps6259b48c.jpg

Shorts - Golf
Shirt - Zara

So this is not just some random outfit, oh no - these shorts were a birthday present from a very good friend who called me from the store and presented the dilemma - shorts or a shirt?? I choose the first option, and got the cute floral number you see here. These shorts, in particular, make me feel childish and playful, which is a good mindset for summer. They do have surprising stuff sometimes, Golf. A see-through shirt, one of my favorites, was a natural companion. And, of course, a big healthy sandwich! 
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