Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Favorite 3: Princess Warior

New winter trends! How exciting. It's been awhile since we had the "Favorite 3" section here, but I think it's time - so much to favor this fall! When it comes to seasonal shifts and innovations, I belong to the "trendy accessory" school - don't pile it up at once, accessorize with fashionable prints and be saved of the fashion victim stigma. Unless we're talking about printed stars, of course! 

 photo 37_zps396f7734.jpg

1. TNT starry shirt - sheer and dreamy, with the right amount of dazzle. I'd wear it with jeans and boots,  with a furry west thrown over.

2. TopTen camouflage loafers - the trendy accessory indeed. The camo trend passed my by so far, but   these are just too nice.

3. Nine West shoulder bag - again, not the one to switch bags every season. Hell, I think I have ONE BAG for all my appearances, which is not very fashion-forwards, but prevents the "oh, my phone is in the OTHER bag!" incident. Might reconsider for this cutie. 

What are your favorite trends for fall?  Will you don camo or opt for an optical illusion purse? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Once upon a time, in the 90s

Lately, I've been musing about being a teenager again. It's the change of seasons - when I was 14 or 15, growing up in a small town, the cooler air and the graduate shift to winter always excited me. I'd go out to meet friends, peeling a clementine on the go - the smell of the clementine and the fresh air on my cheeks are still the strongest reminders of freedom and adventure. The 90s were a turbulent, exhilarating ride - sometimes life is now, too, but not as often. So in the 90s:

 It was OK to look trashy, individual, cheerfully cheap:

 photo f7691df67ea93b34585d4b42e8755fd1_zps049e4e0c.jpg

And my favorite movie was Fight Club, gritty and full of raw life:

 photo fightclub_zps96594423.jpg

And my favorite role model was Sara Poley in "GO", lost and bitter yet ready for action:

 photo sarahpoley_zpsb2510338.jpg

And I wore a one-piece bathing suit because I thought it makes me skinnier:

 photo stephanieduncan_zps94029253.jpg

And for my graduation party I wore something like this:

 photo stephanieduncan2_zps7de16226.jpg

And social life was about sitting outside with friend. Just outside, anywhere:

 photo friends_zps82e55d71.jpg

I miss the 90s a lot, and apparently, so does Pinterest, where all these pictures were sourced. I'm roughly guessing there's a whole world of pinners out there reminiscing about teenage-hood again. It's probably the winter. What do you miss about the 90s? Tell me while I peel a clementine. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Event planner

A weekend in the city led to some "how to organize an event" ground rules realization, as shown in SFAI Concentrate, a San Francisco Art Institute event I stumbled upon this sunny Sunday. Besides the generous views from the historic campus, 5 things were present:

1. Naive art:

 photo IMG_5035_zps83598136.jpg

2. Interesting architecture:

 photo IMG_5036_zps040a602b.jpg

3. Fun and games (aka "ping pong is trendy these days"):

 photo IMG_5038_zps0ca116dc.jpg

4. Charismatic artists in the cafeteria:

 photo IMG_5040_zps80848041.jpg

5. Lace and tights:

 photo IMG_5044_zps3467f72b.jpg

Tights - Forever21, shirt - anonymous

I adore the thighs. Girls stare at them on the street, oblivious to the fact you can buy them at the nearest mall. In the left and right corners are layers I have shed during the day, climbing up Chestnut and soaking in the sun. Sitting on the wood bench sipping ginger ale, little bubbles of envy played in my heart - how fun must be to study here? But then, it's art students we're talking about. Fun is not on the agenda, right? 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Black Bohemian

Comfort. I cherish it in clothes, and when I come to think of it - in everything. Spoiled, some call me, but I stick to my preferences. Physical comfort is the base to calm, functionality and let's just admit it, happiness. In clothes, I always seek the equivalent of a homey, cushion-y sofa. Without looking like one, that is. This is a winner: 

 photo IMG_5018_zps1c2b3da0.jpg
 photo IMG_5015_zps12b585c4.jpg
 photo IMG_5016_zps15349799.jpg
 photo IMG_5023_zps0c4eb333.jpg

Skirt and shirt - Vintage
Vest - borrowed
Shoes - J. Crew
Bag - second hand Nicole Miller

I'm addicted to vests of all kinds - the armpits are free, the back is covered, what more can you ask for? Same goes for long skirts, which require minimum effort. Prickly flats and a textured denim top (very 90s) are worked into this urban look, and the little bamboo bag doesn't make sense, but I just bought it today in the Mission. Not that comfortable perhaps, but very cute. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall musing

I'm in reflective mood. Fall is elusive in California, but elsewhere, I like to imagine, it's already in full swing, with the smell of clementines and broody skies. These are the 5 things I'm going to do this fall. 

1. Get to know Nathan Williams

 photo waterton_zps21eeeab6.jpg
 photo annesage_brunch_hearblack12_zpsf50d6ee5.jpg
 photo katie_nate_coast1_zps8895804c.jpg

Nathan Williams is the editor of Kinfolk magazine. He has a blog, where his life looks exactly like the pages of Kinfolk Magazine. Stylish friends, nature moments, photogenic food and his beautiful wife Katie - I want to be you, Nathan. I'll even take the freckles. 

2. Bake Canele de Bordeaux

 photo Canele3010sfinished_zpscc66614d.jpg

Tried them once, got hooked immediately. Crispy on the outside, dreamy on the inside, this french treat is beyond words. Hebrew speakers, the perfect recipe is here

3. Watch Rectify

 photo rectify-first-look-560_zpsbefb67e8.jpg
 photo 1366238374728cached_zpsfc678afd.jpg
 photo rectify_gallery_amantha_holden_zps49bc2601.jpg

The Sundance channel keeps enchanting me. Top of the Lake was magical, albeit lacking some emotional depth. Rectify is both deep and disturbing and beautifully made, faded sun on carefully selected faces and all. Alden Young is a revelation. Abigail Spencer is someone to fall in love with, right away. Only 6 episodes, hopefully I can stretch through fall. 

4. Indulge in a sleeping mask

 photo Breakfast-at-Tiffany-s-audrey-hepburn-2296853-1024-576_zpsf56e0f43.jpg

I've been a sleeping mask devotee for the last 5 years. Moving to silky, pampering ones is what I call maturity. Mary Green, a recent discovery, does them so well, I want to wear them all at once.  

5. Be outside

 photo julia-nobis-stephen-ward1_zps145a898c.jpg
Julia Nobis in Vogue Australia, by Stephen Ward

I don't spend enough time outside. Who does? Go do it, today. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Favorite 3: The dominatrix

Fall is here, so they say. It means muted hues, sensible buys, a hint of coats? For me, the possibility of winter always bring back a sense of femininity, the sexy, luscious kind. Summer is for the "girl", in a sundress and sandals. Winter is for the woman. Fall is for a woman who loveד leopard underwear, like me. 

 photo 35_zpse57cf787.jpg

1. Castro leather dress - leather is onli acceptable for fall and winter, as far as I'm concerned. And this is the kid of leather I'd like to wear.

2. Clinique Chubby Stick in Heftiest Hibiscus - I've always loved the name of this product. After trying it, I love the product itself.

3. Intima leopard print underwear - who DOESN'T need a pair of these? I'm a leopard addict, through and through, and my knickers drawer can prove it. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The nomadic dress

So here's a story you might be bored enough to read: A couple of months ago, I saw a dress on Mango's British website. It was wonderful, screaming my name and teasing me with its embellishment and embroidery. But the British website only ships through Europe, not the US or Israel, and the dress in question, alas, was absent from Mango USA. What a girl to do?

 photo IMG_4928_zps997d2421.jpg
 photo IMG_4931_zps8f90f481.jpg

Dress - Mango, shoes - Irregular Choice

I called up a friend in Portugal, a guy - just to be safe, and shipped the dress to his location, together with a bohemian manly scarf as compensation. After days of chasing the package around town and playing catch with elusive Lisbon postal workers, brave Stephan finally got a hold of it and sent it my way. And here it is now - a dream to wear, belted or loose, perfect for California weather and even more perfect with the white sandals nothing else goes with. Lesson learnt? Fashion is all about creativity, indeed, sometimes of th kind that involves international shipping schemes. 
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