Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Taking Pictures With Blue Doors

As my focus keeps shifting between Cali and Israel I keep having flashbacks to my recent trip home, during which I showed my partner more of Israel than I've ever seen during my life there. North to south, seashore to lakeshore, we explored the little country I keep thinking of. In the north, on the streets of Acre and Kfar Kama, we encountered many blue doors.

 photo 2014-04-02144056_zps83e958fa.jpg
 photo 2014-04-02144102_zpse53a86b3.jpg
 photo 2014-04-01130006_zpse5e4e843.jpg

The clothes I was wearing for this trip were thrifted and even homemade - the dress was made by a dressmaker with my pattern. Flip flops accompanied everything. I was relaxed and sun-kissed. Good times. As I'm working on the next big thing (coming up soon! stay tuned! etc) I keep thinking about that vacation-not-vacation. And the blue doors one looks so good next to. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Regrets

Here's a little confession - the blog is soon to undergo some major changes. I've been talking about it for a while, but this time I mean - surprises await. I decided to post regrets, till then - regrets of summer, you know...
 photo 43_zpsa0f75ca1.jpg

1. Bodysuit, Etam, 2. Sunglasses, Erroca, 3. Bag, TOP 10, 4. Shoes, Golf, 5. Shorts,  American Eagle 
 photo 42_zps4cd59f78.jpg

1. Suit, Made by LilaMist. 2. Hat, TOP 10. 3. Bag, Mik an Mor, 4. Sandals, Clarks 

 photo 44_zps723f7c80.jpg

1. Shirt, Golf. 2. Shorts, Detla. 3. Ring, Tous. 4. Bag, Laster. 5. Shoes, Nine West

Summer is the time of adventure and road trips. Summer is the time of new relationships, swimming pools and resolutions. And, of course, regrets. Don't have too many, though. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L.A Times

I owe you this one! Being forever in transit and trying this thing the call in Hebrew "living on the line", things get confusing at times. I currently have two closets - in Tel Aviv and in California (classified location!) and too many shoes to count. I better start making some sense in it all, as in - seasonal and location appropriate, but truth be told both my "homes" are very similar. You could dress like this anywhere:

 photo IMG_5534_zps0f5507be.jpg
 photo IMG_5535_zps9d32f2ec.jpg
 photo IMG_5537_zpscc0b54c7.jpg

Dress - Peter Pilotto for Target
Glasses - Ray-Ban

My friend Haley took these pictures when I visited L.A almost three months ago - I love how easy this look is, so Tel Avivian. I'm planning to wear this dress with flip-flops all summer long. This one definitely stays in Cali. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stylish and blurry in Copenhagen

In vain I tried to explain my dad how to take my pictures. He insisted on making them blurry as hell and I kept freezing, but nevertheless - stylish points were scored on this short and sudden Copenhagen trip, if blending in and gaining respectful looks from local fashionistas is of any indication. And boy, they're fashionable here! And everyone in denim and black. Just like me!

 photo IMG_6159_zpsb54c3e67.jpg
 photo IMG_6180_zps309652c8.jpg
 photo IMG_6151_zps22122cd9.jpg

Jeans - Topshop
Shirt - Pull&Bear men's department

I'm absolutely in love with this new look I geekshly "prepared" for what turned out to be the world's most stylish city. Boyfriend jeans, when done right - and Topshop people know how - are heaven to walk around in, and grey denim is the perfect backdrop for my new masculine shirt. The scarf helped with the icy wind on the bike. Nothing helped, however, to become as tall and sculptured-face-beautiful as the locals. Oh, well. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Flowers

If the shopping center if full of squealing teenagers and everyone's buying household items they don't need, spring IS officially upon us by Israeli standards - it's Passover time, and all bets are off. I love spring for the obvious  reasons - the flowers, the sane weather (the rain is behind us, the scorching heat is yet to come), the festive atmosphere. I always do my annual vintage sale around this time of year - the weekend was dedicated to that. In between, I found time to be flowery and put-together for BeinIsrael. 

 photo IMG_6088_zps1bd069a9.jpg
 photo IMG_6094_zps410efe93.jpg
 photo IMG_6127_zps2b6ddaac.jpg
 photo IMG_6118_zps84b49adf.jpg
 photo IMG_6129_zps3fe19534.jpg
 photo IMG_6103_zpsa97067da.jpg

 Dress - Vintage Ungaro
Shoes - Antelope
 Photography by Liya Geldman for BeinIsrael

Wonderful Liya Geldman and I teamed up for this post - it was meant to promote my vintage sale (and you can read my thoughts here), but came out inspirational on any level - why can't I dress like this every day? :) I'm in love with this dress, naturally - it's a true gem, especially with manly leather accessories. And how about this backpack? I need a dozen of them. Happy Passover - new energies, great adventures, love and fashionable statements to us all. 

AND!! The blog is going to a surprise location tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Come to Fall in Love with Clothes

 photo florainsta_zps1094486c.jpg

אני מביאה מעט מקליפורניה לתל אביב בסוף השבוע הזה עם מכירת וינטג' ויד שנייה מארוני הפרטי וממסעותי בחוף המערבי השמשי. בואו להכיר, לשתות לימונדה ולבחור לכן משהו מקסים לאביב. פרטים נוספים בלינק
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