Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The nomadic dress

So here's a story you might be bored enough to read: A couple of months ago, I saw a dress on Mango's British website. It was wonderful, screaming my name and teasing me with its embellishment and embroidery. But the British website only ships through Europe, not the US or Israel, and the dress in question, alas, was absent from Mango USA. What a girl to do?

 photo IMG_4928_zps997d2421.jpg
 photo IMG_4931_zps8f90f481.jpg

Dress - Mango, shoes - Irregular Choice

I called up a friend in Portugal, a guy - just to be safe, and shipped the dress to his location, together with a bohemian manly scarf as compensation. After days of chasing the package around town and playing catch with elusive Lisbon postal workers, brave Stephan finally got a hold of it and sent it my way. And here it is now - a dream to wear, belted or loose, perfect for California weather and even more perfect with the white sandals nothing else goes with. Lesson learnt? Fashion is all about creativity, indeed, sometimes of th kind that involves international shipping schemes. 

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