Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy accidents

Happy 2014 everyone. I have a vague feeling this year is going to be good - or at least intense and interesting. I will continue mixing new and old, crazy and appropriate, and I got a couple of surprises up my sleeve for the blog's future. Stay tuned!!  And in the meantime: I surprised myself by accidentally wearing something that might have been Isabel Marant for H&M. None of which I bought when the collection was still available.

 photo IMG_7951_zps63f0cabb.jpg
 photo IMG_7953_zps0e380e1c.jpg
 photo IMG_7957_zpsdb8d6e90.jpg
 photo IMG_7964_zps5c9a33ea.jpg
 photo IMG_7968_zps2c10aa3a.jpg

Dress - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Coat - JC Penney

A silky dress with a messy print? Check. Boots with fringe? Check. The coat may not be oh-so-Parisian dark blue, but the boxy cut is quite accurate. It's not that I didn't like Isabel's collaboration, but the overall hysteria around it put me off a bit. And here I am, prancing around SF's beautiful Duboce Park in a cheaper tribute - my old favorite boots and my new favorite dress. Life is strange indeed

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