Monday, April 7, 2014

Queen of the Desert

Sometimes, to achieve true inspiration, you must change the scenery. And don't I know it - this year has been, so far, very rich in that aspect, but it never hurts to keep switching it up. I find great fashionable inspiration in new surroundings and stylish challenges (you're looking at a person who once spent a whole day researching what to wear to a rave - those were the days), and willing to "get out of character" for a little bit of play. Going to the desert, this was inevitable: 

 photo DSC00111_zpsbe7b491d.jpg
 photo desert2007_zpsad876077.jpg
 photo DSC00105_zpse8f9525d.jpg
 photo desert2013_zps10ee6422.jpg
 photo desert2003_zpsd5ec74f5.jpg

Dress - Antik Batik
Earrings - from Zimbabwe
Rings - Agas&Tamar, Koa by AltinPlace

Honestly, it all came together in a morning of hasty packing and throwing things together. The wooden   elements - the beautifully minimalist wooden ring with the rustic one, the earrings my friend Shira brought me from her journey in Africa, the luxurious dress that swept the sand. Being a highly impressionable person and a desert lover I wanted this "Out of Africa" look, minus the heartbreak. You'll be the judge. 

*** A completely non-sponsored shout-out to tourist or pale Telavivians: Succah in the Desert is an amazing place to stay, like nothing else I've experienced in my path. Go there. Wear nothing, if you dare. 

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