Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Flowers

If the shopping center if full of squealing teenagers and everyone's buying household items they don't need, spring IS officially upon us by Israeli standards - it's Passover time, and all bets are off. I love spring for the obvious  reasons - the flowers, the sane weather (the rain is behind us, the scorching heat is yet to come), the festive atmosphere. I always do my annual vintage sale around this time of year - the weekend was dedicated to that. In between, I found time to be flowery and put-together for BeinIsrael. 

 photo IMG_6088_zps1bd069a9.jpg
 photo IMG_6094_zps410efe93.jpg
 photo IMG_6127_zps2b6ddaac.jpg
 photo IMG_6118_zps84b49adf.jpg
 photo IMG_6129_zps3fe19534.jpg
 photo IMG_6103_zpsa97067da.jpg

 Dress - Vintage Ungaro
Shoes - Antelope
 Photography by Liya Geldman for BeinIsrael

Wonderful Liya Geldman and I teamed up for this post - it was meant to promote my vintage sale (and you can read my thoughts here), but came out inspirational on any level - why can't I dress like this every day? :) I'm in love with this dress, naturally - it's a true gem, especially with manly leather accessories. And how about this backpack? I need a dozen of them. Happy Passover - new energies, great adventures, love and fashionable statements to us all. 

AND!! The blog is going to a surprise location tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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Unknown said...

These flowers come into bloom in early spring: A snowdrop carpet at Bank Hall, Bretheton in February 2009. Blossom of Lesser celandine. navigate to these guys

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