Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She's in fashion

I don’t write here much about my work. When I opened this blog, I've decided my personal life is not going to be THE issue here, although as you may have noticed, I’m dripping it here and there between the lines. So I’m a fashion journalist and I love it. I've been thinking quite a bit about “work titles”, as in what we answer when being asked “what do you do (for a living)”. When I used to work in advertising and wrote for a website, I would answer: I’m a media planner and I write about fashion.

Then when I resigned from the office I feared for a second that my title would no longer be important-looking and dignified, but as my work in the fashion magazine developed, from one project to another piece, I started getting used to calling myself “a journalist”. Maybe it’s the shift to print, which delights my old-fashioned self, maybe it’s the time passed since I've started doing this, I don’t know. Anyhow, one part of this jobs goes into “Oh, lucky you….” category, meaning fashion shows and presentations.


Jacket - Primark
Shirt - Yosef casual
Shoes - Nine West

And here I am, at the first fashion show for this season, at a bright sunny studio of the Israeli designer Dorin Frankfurt. The weather was nice, and it was the perfect opportunity to make an outing for the beautiful jacket I bought in London. There’s so much to it – seriousness, playfulness, trendiness, attitude, which means it’s perfect for fashion events where it’s better to dress so people can conclude nothing and everything about you. The T-shirt I've received at yet another show years ago – I get a pervert kick from honoring “work” events in pieces all my colleagues have in the closet and must be embraced to wear. The shoes are an old pair I have a love-hate relationship with, and last but not the least – I've promised red lipstick, I give you red lipstick. It is the perfect wintry shade, not too bright, out-there, different. It’s almost the first time ever I try this, and reactions are very hard to read. As long as I enjoy playing with it, it’s all good.


MORE4ME said...

אהבתי מאוד את הפרטים הקטנים בשרווולי הג'קט

בלוג אופנה - Blonde Bleach said...

את מעולה, המשיכי כך!

Nina said...

מאוד אוהבת את האאוטפיט- רוצה לגנוב לך את הג'קט!
האודם האדום מאוד הולם אותך לדעתי, וגם, זה מאוד מבליט את הכחול של העיניים שלך!

the eye said...

הז'קט ממש מגניב, מדהים שמשקיעים ככה גם בגזרה וגם בביטנה ברשת כל כך זולה, והוא אפילו נראה באיכות טובה.

Shachar said...

אני נורא אהבתי את הטישרט דווקא :D!

Clothes on Trees said...

אכן שיחקו אותה עם הג'קט

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