Monday, December 12, 2011

All I want for Christmas: Books

Everybody knows I'm posseding a fondness towards "Christmas spirit", to the horror of my Jewish friends. The presents, the lights, the family tradition (in my childhood remarked by a huge tree in the living room, sort of a phallic symbol of the Russian man's capability, if you will) - all of this speaks to me greatly, and every year I find myself wishing I lived in some "ultimate Christmas gift guide". Well, sinse empty wishing is so 2011, I've decided to go forward with my own presents guide - to myself, that it. Part 1 is dedicated to 10 most desired non-fiction books.
Books for New Years

1. Helmut Newton "Polaroids" - the latest by the greatest.

2. Scanwiches, the book - a long awaited creation by my all-time favorite website.

3. The Perfect Imperfect Home by Deborah Needlman - as if it was created especially for me.

4. Luxe Guides to New York and Chicago - for my big America 2012 trip.

5. Brazilia Style - recomended by Elle Britain gift guide, and as I have a Brazilian flatmate, I
happily accept. Plus, the cover is super-funky.

6. What To Wear Where - a fun book by another one of my favorites.

7. Jamie Does.... - Jamie Oliver, you gotta love him, does Swedish, Moroccan and other yummy
recipes. There's no saying no to that.

8. Terryworld - not the newest book out there, but it has naked Terry Richardson on the cover.
'Nuff Said.

9. I Like You: Hospitality Under Influence by Amy Sedaris - I wanted this for a long time, coz
there no other book referring so briliantly to my hosting fears.

10. Bals: Legendary Costume Bals of the Twentieth Century - despite the long name, included in
the gift guide of Instyle and tickles just the right magic - buds.

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