Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn in New York: Valuable lessons

Autumn in New York City is this lucky time of the year when the heat disappears and takes the humiliating, yet necessary, option of flip-flops with them, but it's not too cold to be fashionable yet. It's then when the streets of Manhattan, that is if you're not too busy looking (and pointing, in some cases) at the famous buildings, become winter wear's best catwalk. Every coat you can think of, every shoe you eyed in the recent Vogue magazine, every ridiculous trend you secretly contemplated to adopt, they're all marching in front of you, bumping into you when you cross the street and push into your (less fashionable) shell on the subway. When you come from a place less particular about winter clothes, New York can be one hell of a manual, with Dos and DONTs all over the budget scale. Here's a little selection of what I've learned over just a week: 
1. שמלה, BEBE, מחיר: 750 שקל. 2. מעיל Cheap Monday ל--Belle&Sue, מחיר: 750 שקל.
3. כפפות, H&M, מחיר: 78 שקל. 4. סניקרס, Asos, מחיר: 70 דולר. 5. טייץ, H&M, מחיר: 160 שקל

1. You can incorporate sportswear into your winter look quite successfully, without looking like a hillbilly.
   As long as it's not that comfortable, worn-in type of sportswear, and you're not running.

1. Hat, H&M, 100 shek. 2. Necklace, Two A, 445 shek. 3. Skirt, Kayo for Belle&Sue,
4. Knit, Sacks, 368 shek. 5. Boots, Jeffrey Campbell for Story, 800 shek.
2. Want to look cool and is if, thanks to some mystery genes, you're not at all cold? Do like a fashionable
   Asian girl and put on a long, flowing skirt. Nobody has to know you have woolen tights underneath.

1. Scarf, Avgadm 75 shek. 2. Jacket, Golbari, 250 shek. 3. Tunic, Cheap Monday for Belle&Sue, 440 shek.
 4. Bag, H&O, 170 shek. 5. Boots, Silise, 2250 shek.
3. Yes, "oxblood" and purple are very big this season. And no, combining the two together won't make you
    a fashion victim – not when the next girl is wearing a turban and studded UGGs.
1. נעליים TO GO, מחיר: 300 שקל. ג'קט גרטרוד, 998 שקל.
3. ליפסטיק MAC בגוון  DramaticEncounte מחיר: 94 שקל. 4. תיק מאיה שליו 630 שקל. 5. שמלה ZARA, מחיר: 350 שקל

4. Autumn can be the most elegant of times, and maybe your only chance to air your new accessories and
   that impractical dress you just bought. So go for it.

Besides teaching you a wardrobe lesson, New York autumn is excels in making you, the under-dressed tourist, feel marginalized yet striving for perfection. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap high-street shops you can stop by and get your fashion fix. Just two more things come to mind: whatever you do, do not purchase those ear-muffs. Although warm and tempting, they will immediately disclose your foreignness. And, no matter how confused you are, don't go and buy that huge, puffy Gap vest. There's no way your new open-toe booties will go with it.


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