Thursday, February 7, 2013

Screen Heroine: Greta Gerwig in Lola Versus

Let's just say I watch a lot of downloaded movies lately, and I'm currently in some kind of an indie vortex. I search for the artiest, least advertised, cutest movies and watch them in bulks. A lot of them tend to disappoint ("Save the Date"? Really?), but for every string of neurotic, ever whining characters, there's a little precious gem. Lola Versus, starring my new favorite Greta Gerwig, is such an indie-gem.  Luckily, it's also a style lesson, 5 of them actually.
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1. Denim goes a long way. Gerwig's Lola juggles different styles of denim, from girlie to casual to business-like. My favorite combo is a buttoned-down jeans dress with a navy blazer.

Mix with: An attractive, t-shirt clad boyfriend (the dreamy Joel Kinnaman) and you're ready to go.
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2. True friends match prints. Lola's best friend, hot and fast-talking Alice, brings out the best in her. They match girie dresses for a picnic party, and when they meet for lunch, Lola gets rid of her sweatshirt.

Mix with: A bright food cart and a some quality time together.  

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3. A stylish mom is valuable - Lola's mother owns a restaurant, which prevents her from preaching, moralizing or nagging, all the things moms do if you're single.

Mix with: You can never go wrong with stripes! Never.

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4. The sexiest boyfriends live in the messiest places. Lola's boyfriend is an artist, but of course. His futon resides in the middle of a workshop, and this is apparently a big turn-on.

Mix with: Books, cool pajamas and lots of L-O-V-E.

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5. Stylish indie movies are made by attractive people. This is Daryl Waine, the director of Lola Versus, and his girlfriend Zoe Lister Jones, who co-wrote the screenplay and plays Alice. They both have great faces, cool attitude and sort of re hair. Sweet.

Mix with: A hint of irony ad self-awareness.

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6. Lola Versus: how to wear it.

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