Sunday, February 3, 2013

Denim on the beach

I watched a movie recently (a post coming soon!) and got inspired to talk about denim. This winter we've witnessed the rise of printed denim - stars, flowers, galaxies and whatnot, all of the above were embraced wildly by celebrities and civilians all over the globe. I doubt the lady who I bought this dress from, at a garage sale in Long Beach, knows anything about it. This is a different kind of printed denim - 90s inspired, naive and consciously out of the fashion discourse. And yet, I love it.

 photo IMG_3163_zpsb2aca293.jpg
 photo IMG_3162b_zpsfdf3af49.jpg
 photo IMG_3160_zps3baed65f.jpg

Also, I promised a second take on the best second-hand sweater I've ever bought, back in Chicago. This is one of those weird, too-much-to-handle finds everyone seems to adore, each for a different reason: some like the hoodie, some find the lapels charming, I personally think it's comfortable and kooky and sweet. It sure deserved a day on the beach!

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Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

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