Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flowers on Acid

Being back in the concrete jungle of Tel Aviv, all I want is color, color, color. The Parabal Gurung for Target items - the shirt featured here and this comfy dress, serve my purpose beautifully. They were made, in hindsight, for the Israeli streets - loud, bold, exciting.

 photo IMG_3450_zpsba72ab42.jpg
 photo IMG_3453_zps30402104.jpg
 photo IMG_3452_zpsc4948480.jpg

Now, I don't want to preach to the big chains, but this, guys, is how you execute a collaboration - I wasn't that familiar with Parabal Gurung's work, and I guess the collection did reflect his signature style, but the result was simply pretty, well-made pieces with a kick, instead of wacky, hard-to-wear "designer" attire. This dress is effortless, it doesn't need much accessorizing, and this why I love it. Have a great week!


Nitzan said...

the dress looks so effortless, you don't need any accessories or anything! :)

dana said...

cute!!! can you still buy it?

Unknown said...

love the dress, nice print :)


ההוביט said...

eye blowing! how you now its acid and not Lsd? ;)

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