Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Fun: WTF, hula hoop bag?

As someone who've worked in fashion enough to know NOT ever trend is a realistic one, I'm more then delighted to find out this spring that others think like me and smirk, openly or descretely, at Chanel's giant hula hoop bag. Yes, fashion is not only about wearability, it is also an artform, but does art really refers to a big plastic hoop with a bag stuck to it?
 photo LOVE9_zps4afce1e6.jpg
LOVE, issue 9: the bag as a cover-up

And indeed, the "big" idea Karl Lagerfeld mustred this time was so wacko, that even the most respectful publications abandoned the righteous respect the Master is usually treated with, and adopted a whiff of irony instead. Articles such as "The hula-hoop bad: Explained!" or "tracking the infamous hula hoop" surfaced,  Anderson Cooper took a photo with one, after no other the Alexa Chung presented it to him, saying something like "I think Karl said it's practical". Ha.  

 photo wmagazine1_zps005722c1.jpg
W Magazine. calling the bag by it's name - surreal

But my favorite article so far is by Fashionista, which mocks the forced "creativity" the bag egnighted in magazine editors. Naked, futuristic, or riding it rodeo-style, models are stuggling with the odd piece everywhere from W to Elle, as if the use of the hula hoop is some kind of a fashion-loyalty test.

 photo ellefrancemarch2013_zpsd73cff18.jpg
Elle France: Riding it

This, by the way, is how Chanel had it in mind: as a part of a beach apparel!! Laugh or cry, but you can't shake it off (note the pun!) :)

 photo CHANELBEACH_1__2358843a_zps03d4412e.jpg


Nitzan said...

בין אם טוב או רע - זה גורם לאנשים לדבר, וזה הכי חשוב לדעתי, לא? :)

ענח said...

stupid gimmick! ahhh...

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