Monday, April 8, 2013

Brand (New) Love: Draw in Light

I've been working hard lately, and as a result, a new regular section is born - brands I found in the labyrinths of the web and fell in love. The first one to be featured - Draw In Light, a British brand by Polly Wilkinson and Harry Bradford, two women who teamed up together back in 2009 to create delicate, flattering silk-printed creations.  

 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_9_grande_zps913bcc19.jpg
 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_10_1024x1024_zps31ddddaf.jpg
 photo Draw_In_Light_AW_13_LOOK_16_1024x1024_zps8fcf9690.jpg
Looks from 2013 Autumn-Winter collection

I'm such a sucker for prints - and better yet, for silk! I love the nonchalance the clothes project, and the thoughtfulness the prints reveal - in the brand's blog, you'll find a lot of musing about light, shadows and atmosphere, along with photo shoots and videos.

 photo DRAW_IN_LIGHT_SS_13_LOOK_18_1024x1024_zps2be3615f.jpg
 photo DRAW_IN_LIGHT_SS_13_LOOK_15_1024x1024_zps64f857e9.jpg
Looks from 2013 Spring-Summer collection

Sometimes, just like in relationships, we crave something that isn't exactly "us", but it could make us a better person - this is how I feel about Draw In Light. Like it could be me in another, slower, more spiritual time. 


Unknown said...

lovely collections! I realy like the black dress!

Clothes on Trees said...

me too!!

Anonymous said...


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