Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fashionista/Bad Actress: Rachel Bilson

Our journey for the great fashionistas who can't act continues - This time on the chopping block in Rachel Bilson, the cute little "best friend" for Misha Barton's Marissa, back in the day of the show called "The O.C". Now, I loved the O.C, and I wasn't the only one. All Rachel had to do on that show was pout and avoid the boy who loved her since 5th grade, Seth Cohen. 

 photo CWCBSShowtime2012SummerTCAPartyArrivalsPAGaxWXOpVrl_zpsb72a49b8.jpg
Elegant in Malene Birger and McQueen

 photo 2013-Annual-Art-of-Elysium-Heaven-Gala-Arrivals-Rachel-Bilson-1_zps75803665.jpg
Daring in Valentino

Since the cancellation of that fancy soap, Rachel here became the very epitome of the FASHIONISTA, attending fashion shows, premieres and launch parties, dressed in top fashion. Her passion for designer grab got so huge and so well-admired, that everyone seemed to forget who's that girl and why is she invited. Not a bad place to be in life.

 photo MOCAAnnualGalaArtistMuseumHappeningCocktailMBH9oX6bbxDl_zps48725dea.jpg
Cute in a Chanel dress
 photo rachel-bilson-chanel_zps1f5157e1.jpg
And some more Chanel for you

These days, Rachel is the front woman of the much-mocked show "Heart of Dixie" - she's still cute, I bet she's still pouting, but nothing will change the fact her ability to wear clothes wonderfully is her number 1 skill. Do you agree? 

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Ann said...

I kinda like Rachel and I think not every actress should be Meryl Streep

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