Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday Fun: The attack of the side.. butt?

So if you have a pulse and even the faintest interest in pop culture and celebrities, you must have seen this: the "scandal", the "pathetic dress", the fashion decision even Paltrow, the woman who showed up at the Oscars wearing a cape, shall I remind you, apologized for

 photo Gwyneth-Paltrow-ditches-underwear-at-Iron-Man-3-premiere_zps39542b22.jpg
 photo spl532466-014_zpsdd081ab1.jpg

This is, indeed, a shocker (designed by Antonio Berrardi and constructed out of two different dresses), but it's barely (ha ha) a first. We are, so it seems, in the midst of a new trend, the sassy successor of the sideboob - the side butt. Just a couple of weeks ago the Grammys brought us this: the "milder" version, courtesy of the every-upcoming Kelly Rowland, in George Chakra.  

 photo celebrity-arrivals-to-the-2013-grammy-awards-37-400x533_zps62b73371.jpeg

And who could possibly forget this: the white Kaufman-Franco creation turning attention, again, to Jenifer
Lopez's best (ass)set. Timidly and quietly, the sheer paneling hints, whether Gwyneth's backside screams. But was it all that bad? 

 photo jennifer-lopez-kaufman-franco-gown-parker-premiere-las-vegas__oPt_zps8af4c939.jpg

Perhaps, it all started with this? Gwyneth's best buddy, Stella McCartney, made a lot of starts blush with this polka-dot stuff, and even the matronly Kate Winslet here manages to look foxy. I don't remember my favorite blond spotting the dots, so I guess the very very sheer moment at the Iron Man premiere was a belated acknowledgement of the idea.  

 photo kate-winslet-polka-dot-dress_zps11b80299.jpeg

Either way, I think this a funny and humbling moment. Gwyneth always had some sort of a stuck-up aura around her, and this - wanting, so openly, to be sexy and generate some buzz, just makes her a human. Is this a trend worth emulating? Probably not outside of your bedroom, but for her, it worked. Not convinced? 

How about now? Do you side her side-butt? 


Anonymous said...

Pretty sexy, I'd say

הסיפור שאינו נגמר said...

what can I say..I love it! sexy!

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