Thursday, May 30, 2013

Favorite 3: The urban godess

Welcome to a new little section - brief and short and sweet, it portrays stuff I like!

 photo 30_zps5ffbb7fa.jpg

1. When I attended my own so-called "prom", I wore an acid green maxi skirt, a brown sparkly top and brown Greek sandals. I wish I wore this Greek Godess prom dress, though, from Twentyforseven

2. I can not resist tough jewelry every once in a while. These bracelets by Miri Gainsbourg, special for the new pop-up store Pop Up Box 69, opening in Tel Aviv this weekend, are beyond great. 

3. And one last thing - moccasins with horses on them? I'm in! Olive Thomas, a brand active in Tel Aviv since 2008 (by the designer Maya Levi) really outdid itself this time.  There are also flamingos and penquins, if horses aren't your pet of choice. 

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Anonymous said...

realy nice items!

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