Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Short is for shorts!

So I don't know how ironic this writing behind me is, which I completely ignored while taking the pictures. Anyhow, it's officially summer and yet again I present you - shorts! I also have a small confession to make - I've been living on reruns of Sex and the City, and I guess Carrie's constant partial nudity got to me. 

 photo photo-1_zps32212e6a.jpg
 photo photo2_zps91813893.jpg
 photo photo1_zps6259b48c.jpg

Shorts - Golf
Shirt - Zara

So this is not just some random outfit, oh no - these shorts were a birthday present from a very good friend who called me from the store and presented the dilemma - shorts or a shirt?? I choose the first option, and got the cute floral number you see here. These shorts, in particular, make me feel childish and playful, which is a good mindset for summer. They do have surprising stuff sometimes, Golf. A see-through shirt, one of my favorites, was a natural companion. And, of course, a big healthy sandwich! 

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