Monday, May 20, 2013

The Very Best: Make Up

In the spirit of summer, the season of colorful make up and tan, it might be the time to acknowledge a fashion blog can not only be about the clothes. Unless you're someone like the Stylish Wanderer, taking pictures with your face off, it's usually there, a part of your "presentation".

SO... I've decided to indulge in an 'all times favorites" make up post. Not that I'm a pro, but after working for almost two years as a beauty editor, I was able to go through a wide range of products and pick my ultimate favorites. I'm a fan of the natural look, and love bright lips and nails. These are the things that keep my face up. 

 photo makeup_zps49d8b229.jpg

1. M.A.C golden Lustre drops - the ultimate eye shadow, highlighter, you name it! Plus, this tiny bottle lasts  for years.

2. M.A.C lipstick in Show Orchid and Utterly Delicious (4) - orange and fuchsia are my favorites.

3. La Mer concealer - I have dark circles since I was a little girl, and coverage doesn't get any better then this. Again - a little package will last a lifetime. 

5. Givenchy Le Prismissime 9 Colorsbox - happy neons, blues and neutrals - when I want a colorful eye (usually after reading too many magazines), I go for this compact pallet, which comes with three kinds of

6. O.P.I nail polishes in Roll in the Hague and Tickle Me Fancy - the first, a happy orangy-red. The second,  a delicate pink with a hint of purple. Muted toes and screaming nails in the rule I live by.

7. Lancome Hypnose Star mascara - I've been a Lancome fan since my mom first introduced me to it, and used their mascaras for ever. The Star is a true bliss - curling, for real, and rich without clogging.

8. Givenchy PhotoPerfexion Light Fluid foundation -I might actually use make up once a month (for a very, very very special occasion), and this one lives up to its fancy name. The sheerest of sheer, and highly moisturizing. 

 photo IMG_5669_zps1ea53909.jpg

With that, I'm concluding my list. Expect more cosmetic goodness to come, and share your favorites in the comments.

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