Tuesday, May 14, 2013

White Holiday

Today is Shavuot eve, an Israeli holiday devoted to cheese, white, agricultural wealth and flower bouquets  I realize it all sounds very strange, yet wearing white (and a bouquet on your head, improvising) is irresistible. 

 photo IMG_3995_zps39c67831.jpg
 photo IMG_3997_zps71f03eec.jpg
 photo IMG_3998_zpsc46a1a41.jpg

Dress- from New Zealand, god know what brand
Headpiece/necklace - Liat Ginzburg
Shoes - TOGO

I just collected my favorite necklace from mending, and got inspired to wear it on my head. Holiday spirit took over me...Happy Shavuot!


Fashion Matters said...

חג שמח! את נראת מדהים :)

Unknown said...

hag sameah!
I like the texture of the dress, crochet is always beautiful:)

pegasus said...

very nice dress! why not to wear flower bouquet on your head every day? ;)

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