Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Fun: Prada knows all my secret desires

Here's the thing: Someone in Prada headquarters must be reading my diary. Or frequently visiting my Pinterest board with the shameful name "Guilty Pleasure Men". Otherwise, how can you explain this:

 photo Prada_Menswear_FW13_Campaign_Christoph-Waltz_zps8231fda8.jpg
Spring 2013: Waltz proves there's nothing he can't do
 photo prada-fall-2013-menswear-campaign-001_zpse8e6c79c.jpg
 Fall 2013: Could you be any more perfect

For some time now, the wonderful fashion powerhouse has been running brooding, borderline genius campaigns featuring charismatic actors - 90% of them are deep in my dream-list. Last fall it was the steamy Garret Hedlund, the conspicuous Dafoe, the ever-relevant Gary Oldman and that guy from Billy Elliot, which may not be my favorite but is undoubtedly sexy. Hedlund and the rest, however - mmmmmm. The look in their eyes. The promise of their dirty, untamed nature. The crazy spark when they laugh. There's no words. 

 photo oldman-bell-hedlund-dafoe-by-david-sims-prada-menswear-fall-winter-2012-2013-ad-campaign-8_zps241ce2dd.jpg
 photo Gary_Oldman_Pradafall2012_zps3750d65a.jpg
Fall 2012: Oldman with a briefcase. Dafoe in fur. Enough said

Then this spring it was the dreamy Dan Dehaan - an actor I'm yet to see in action, but whose clear-blue eyes and crooked mouth, not to mention the skinny structure, are the stuff that dreams are made of. And the spring before - the baby-faced, tough-on-the-inside Michel Pitt, who I have a secret crush on since before  "Boardwalk Empire" became so boring. 

 photo prada-menswear1spring2013_zpsa7076fbd.jpg
Spring 2012: Dan Dehan is too skinny for this suit
 photo Prada-Men-RTW-SS12-2-620x413_zpsc6f12b77.jpeg
Spring 2012: Michael Pitt sure can wear prints

But this time... This time Prada outdid themselves, tapping two of the hottest men on the planet, in my book. Christoph Waltz had been on my mind ever since I heard his soft voice, combined with the finest sort of cruelty, in "Inglorious Bastards". Ever since, I keep "selling" his sex appeal to whoever may hear, often met with hostility. "He's sooo weird and sleazy", friends would squirm. What will they say now, looking at the awesomest men alive nonchalantly modelling some very expensive sun glasses? And Ben Whishaw, the british epitome of scruffy-walking sex? Seeing him dressed in fancy Prada, looking like a little boy, made my day. Forget it - my whole week. Which brings me back to the question - Prada, did you do all this especially for me? Thanks a lot.  

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