Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fashionista/Bad Actress: Jessica Alba

Seems to me it's time for another look at good fashionistas who don't count acting skills among their blessings. A break from "me, me, me". Jessica Alba here is a great summer candidate. Just like Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth, my previous heroines, her movies are scarce and forgettable, made for kids or kid-like men who drool over her undeniably fantastic curves, and while everyone remembers her dancing scene in "Sin City", an intellectual individual would have a really hard time remembering where the hell else she played. Wherever it was, you probably won't remember her "acting" in it. But don't worry: 

 photo jessica-alba-jessica-alba-does-dior-olsen-twins-news-8a95c400fa75f489bb3f0471f310b54c_zpsf978dd17.jpg
 photo article-0-1220440B000005DC-226_634x8431_zps86ae3ba6.jpg
 photo casual-chic-style-assymetric-jessica-alba_zps5ff3543f.jpg
 photo jessica-alba-style-180810-4_zpsdc6c5519.jpg

Acting aside, Alba has a truly admirable street-style. Effortless, trendy, borderline sexy, you name it. She's very good with casual looks, flowy skirts, skinny pants and everything else remotely associated with street fashion blogs. In fact, at times she really looks like one. Having two daughters (sometimes I wonder if a new celebrity category, "famous moms", the kind that's only famous for having beautiful babies, will emerge some day) she also has plenty of chances to display her outlook on children clothes, and unless little Honor and the other kid have stylists, the way they look suggests Jessica really has a good taste. And on the red carpet:

 photo jessica-alba-in-dolce-and-gabbana-spy-kids-4-premiere__oPt_zpsabef8724.jpg
 photo Jessica-Alba-red-carpet-fashion-trend-Golden-Globe-2012_zpsaced86a4.jpg

She looks equally good pregnant or thin. I'm not a fan of hers in particular, but I must admit there's something about her choices, and her cute, slightly puffy face, that makes her style kind of adorable and accessible. The same exact face, with the imprinted doll-like expression, prevents her from actually acting well. But who said the world is a fair place. 


שר הטבעות said...

she is so pretty...but no fashion sense

גיל said...

הכי יפה לה היריון - שתישאר ככה פשוט

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