Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite 3: The exotic fix

The summer is truly upon us these days, and I've been craving color and adventures. Ethnic mixtures, bold statements, funky nails and all these other cliches. I want them all!

 photo 33_zps2cd28abd.jpg

1. I actually did order thins Lilian Loeb for Uniqlo sweater in grey, but I do have second thoughts. The sweater is rather large and loose, and I think it would make a better statement in lime. 

2. I'm a known sucker for tassels, ethnic embroidery and embellishment, and these Zara sandals (on sale now, I believe) have it all. 

3. Lately, I've been working on the most elusive skill of all - the ability to file and color my own fingernails. While only partially successful, I do get an extra kick from interesting nail polishes. It doesn't get much better then Deborah Lippmann's "marbled" hues in Rockin Robin and I'm Not Edible. Yum.

** Fancy something classy? Try the Classic Vacationer edit**
** Or, if in the mood for girly stuff - Urban Godess **

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