Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite 3: The ironic romance

As Israeli "Valentine's Day" is approaching and my e-mail box is getting bombarded with hearts, pink jackets and rosy perfumes, it's hard to avoid pondering upon the commercial side of romance. Whenever I have to write something love-oriented upon a magazine's request, I prefer taking the ironic road to salvation. Just like these items: 

 photo 34_zpse9582b72.jpg

1. The dress - pants can be hardly be romantic, you must agree. So a dress - not just any dress, but a highly ornamental one, complete with tassels and a crafty leopard print. Comes from Mango, meant to be worn for humid summer dates. 

2. The accessories - can you really beat hearts and swords for real-life romance? I don't think so. These are made by jewelry designer Shlomit Ofir and called "Carmen". Que the music. 

3. The bag - sometimes, romance and childishness overlap, at least for me. This Asos bunny bag (now on sale, I believe) is the essence of them both. A present for the one you love most - yourself, since I don't believe even the most capitalism-oriented boyfriend will go that far. 

You're ornamental, not functional! 

The show I'm obsessed with right now, Scandal, is a catch-phrase goldmine. This one is what USA's president Fitzgerald Grant (or, as the magnificent Olivia Pope likes to call him, "Fitz") tell his wife, the ever-plotting "first lady". I have nothing to add.

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kay said...

I love this bag!

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