Monday, July 8, 2013

Graduation: Shenkar Colledge 2013

It's that time again - time for design colleges graduation shows. While I'm not as well informed on other countries, in Israel this is a very serious time, usually evoking excitement and controversy. Shenkar, the leading Israeli institution for fashion design,  always has the most talked-about shows, a tough ticket in the local fashionista's calendar and a subject of endless speculations and rumors. 

I've attended as many graduation shows as the years I've been writing about fashion (here's last years review, and here's 2010) and let me tell you - at some point you know what to expect. You'll see men in masks, you'll see exaggerated coats, you'll see religious references and someone's gonna abuse plastic or leather - but every year, among all the students who strive to be unique and end up falling into a long legacy of overboard, childish collections, there are a few who excel and stand out. I couldn't attend the show this year, being on the other side of the world, but these are, nevertheless, my favorites. 

 photo adi_zps11532657.jpg

1. עדי בקשי / Adi Bakshi
 "גברת עם סלים"

It's no secret I appreciate an awesome sweater. Out of all the sweaters Shenkar graduates attempted to create in my time, this is by far the most optimistic. Yellow bows, flowers and embroidery, let's party! I also appreciate a nod to current trends. At times, students go for something far fetched, when the actual test is - can you make everyday fashion your own? The pajama pants answer this question positively. 

 photo inbar_zps0060ad57.jpg

2. ענבר קמפ / Inbar Kamp
 "Like a Virgin"

Well. Every year there's a wink towards street style, denim and such - a few years ago my friend Becca Johnson, who's now behind the awesome brand Ryika, blew this category out of the park. This time it's Inbar's turn - a Madonna reference is never a bad thing, especially when it comes with layered, puffy denim and cropped tops. Respect. 

 photo yael_zps1098660b.jpg

3. יעל גלייזר / Yael Gleizer

A word-play! Hell and Aloha? Sold. Again, a very creative approach to trends here - slim pants and  a matching bra top, a cape, beautiful textiles and unexpected references. This is a sophisticated collection that mocks the inspirations and embraces it at the same time - this is how a winning graduation set looks like. 

 photo anat_zpsbb72f879.jpg
4. ענת סבירסקי / Anat Svirski
 "הרפתקה ביתית"

It takes a lot of courage to present a collection with such a homey, unpretentious feel. The quilted coat and the oversized silhouettes  speak volumes, and the presentation is charming - on the runway the models wore vintage-looking lampshades as head accessories. Who doesn't like an adventure in their own home?
 photo inbal_zps36f5737d.jpg
5. ענבר פניכל / Inbar Fanikhel
 "מסעותי עם סמואל פניכל לפפואה"

More then anything else, in graduation collections I appreciate a sense of humor and an element of surprise - this jumpsuit/coat/Colonial uniform says it all, and I could never stay untouched by a little exotica. Beautiful linings, bold lines - I just want to escape to Oceania right away! 


The pictures are from this amazing TUMBLR: the collections are presented with inspirational mood-boards, the student's details and more. Highly advisable for a visit - if you find other favorites, do tell and we'll have ourselves an educated fashion discussion. 


חגית ג. said...

אהבתי את הקולקציה הטרופית, אבל ממה שהסתכלתי באתרים לא היה מבחר משהו

sssdiva said...

שוב את מוכיחה שיש לך טעם משובח. שאפו!

Clothes on Trees said...

תודה :)

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