Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stars and stripes

As every other girl growing up in the 90s, my fashion sense was never short of affection for everything Americana. Cut-offs, cowboy shirts, the flag - you name it, I wore it one way or another. And what's more American then snapping this gorgeous denim dress at a Safeway parking lot (from a booth collecting for breast cancer research) and taking it out for some 4th of July fireworks and fish&chips? Yup, nothing. 

 photo IMG_4225_zpsafac2493.jpg
 photo IMG_4236_zps55d283a6.jpg
 photo IMG_4228_zps365b6fad.jpg
 photo IMG_4239_zps537a8f64.jpg

Dress- A.M.I
Headscarf - La Bodega
Jacket - H&M

I looked for this A.MI label everywhere online, but couldn't understand what it is about. Not that it matters - this roomy striped dress is so nice to wear these days, especially with a belt and a red contrast (very USA of me). For some reason, this look reminds me of Crybaby, the awesome John Waters movie where leather, bows and red lips combine. 

From where I stand, if you go Americana, you better go over the top kitschy and girly, with head accessories and volume. I do love volume. Happy belated Independence day, my American friends and temporary neighbors. 


sefi said...

שמלה ארוכה עם כפתורים זה החלום שלי.

Clothes on Trees said...

בואי לחניון של safeway!

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