Saturday, August 24, 2013

Layering for fall

I accidentally read today on "1001 Glamour's DOs and DON'Ts" (on newsstands now)  that the fall's layering "update" is "let shirttails hang below a sweater". Well, that's exactly what I did on my last visit to San Francisco, on a day that begun all foggy and ended up with me cursing my black jeans for soaking up all the sun. You never know, in this town. 

 photo IMG_4864_zpsfa0d364c.jpg
 photo IMG_4865_zpsc8781749.jpg
 photo IMG_4866_zps51efd518.jpg

Sweater and shoes - Zara
Shirt - Vintage

I thought this look channels retro, and so does the background - yes, the most unglamorous place in the trendy Mission neighborhood. I haven't layered a sweater like this since high school, absolutely refreshing. 

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