Monday, August 19, 2013

Vintage Chill

It's hot. Everywhere. I talk to my friends back home, and they say they're melting. I attempt to have a great Sunday (success!), and I melt myself. I try to keep cool with a milkshake. But I'm wearing a snugly vintage dress and a heavy belt, so it's only partially working. Fashion is all about sacrifice. 

 photo IMG_4471_zpse3bda9a9.jpg
 photo IMG_4478_zps842c203a.jpg
 photo IMG_4488_zpsd467e1d0.jpg

Dress - vintage
Belt and corn earrings - a gift from a neighbor
Milkshake - Screamin' Mimi's

Once, I used to own a bunch of vintage dresses like this one. Then I moved on. I actually picked up this dress to sell later, but until that happens - I tried to wear it. I've been obsessing over McQueen "tile" dresses for some time now, and this one is quite close, and oh so far at the same time. 

 photo tiles_zps58d71b68.jpg

I can only hope these ladies are not as hot in the heavenly quilted creations. They must have air conditioning on red carpets. But do they have corn-shaped earrings? Nope. Keep cool everyone. 

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