Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall musing

I'm in reflective mood. Fall is elusive in California, but elsewhere, I like to imagine, it's already in full swing, with the smell of clementines and broody skies. These are the 5 things I'm going to do this fall. 

1. Get to know Nathan Williams

 photo waterton_zps21eeeab6.jpg
 photo annesage_brunch_hearblack12_zpsf50d6ee5.jpg
 photo katie_nate_coast1_zps8895804c.jpg

Nathan Williams is the editor of Kinfolk magazine. He has a blog, where his life looks exactly like the pages of Kinfolk Magazine. Stylish friends, nature moments, photogenic food and his beautiful wife Katie - I want to be you, Nathan. I'll even take the freckles. 

2. Bake Canele de Bordeaux

 photo Canele3010sfinished_zpscc66614d.jpg

Tried them once, got hooked immediately. Crispy on the outside, dreamy on the inside, this french treat is beyond words. Hebrew speakers, the perfect recipe is here

3. Watch Rectify

 photo rectify-first-look-560_zpsbefb67e8.jpg
 photo 1366238374728cached_zpsfc678afd.jpg
 photo rectify_gallery_amantha_holden_zps49bc2601.jpg

The Sundance channel keeps enchanting me. Top of the Lake was magical, albeit lacking some emotional depth. Rectify is both deep and disturbing and beautifully made, faded sun on carefully selected faces and all. Alden Young is a revelation. Abigail Spencer is someone to fall in love with, right away. Only 6 episodes, hopefully I can stretch through fall. 

4. Indulge in a sleeping mask

 photo Breakfast-at-Tiffany-s-audrey-hepburn-2296853-1024-576_zpsf56e0f43.jpg

I've been a sleeping mask devotee for the last 5 years. Moving to silky, pampering ones is what I call maturity. Mary Green, a recent discovery, does them so well, I want to wear them all at once.  

5. Be outside

 photo julia-nobis-stephen-ward1_zps145a898c.jpg
Julia Nobis in Vogue Australia, by Stephen Ward

I don't spend enough time outside. Who does? Go do it, today. 

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