Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Made My Year

Lets just say 2013 was quite busy and meaningful for me - more on the personal level, less on the media, fashion scene and everything else level. Nevertheless, I decided to turn yearly summaries into a welcome tradition. Here are my choices for 2013, in fashion and culture.

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1. Julia and Sandra wearing color

I loved watching how, slowly and gradually, two of Hollywood's most understated leading ladies begun to realize the power of red-carpeting. I can't be sure what exactly happened, but both Bullock and Roberts finally started to look fantastic – Sandra in tight, hip dresses, Julia in purple and red. Both of these actresses have a "next door" charm that got them this far – but our hyper-visual world demands more, and they delivered.

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2. Fashion going places – Missouri, Texas

December was marked by the "Paris, Texas" extravaganza, courtesy of Chanel, and earlier this year a huge fashion exhibit moonlighted in Missoury Chess Hall of Fame, no less. I kind of like this turn of events – fashionistas in Dallas, headlines in the Vogue featuring flyover states – it's fresh and interesting, and makes me wonder where this is going next. What quiet, un-hip town Karl Lagerfeld is going to devour next – that sort of thing.

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3. Scandal and Suits do preppy right

Ever since my year-and-a-half long stint in advertising, I swore off office spaces. No more pencil skirts and "clients" for me, thank you very much. This is why Scandal and Suits, two shows that do office so well, are my guilty pleasures. I look at the cubicles and office politics (Suits) and Olivia Pope's sharp outfits (Scandal) and marvel at the clean, ruthless office aesthetics. Two of the best shows of 2013, for my inner secretary.

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4. Israeli celebrities got the memo

On the other side of the globe, where celebrities go to the same grocer as you, it seems like the Israeli stars finally got the message – black and blah is not a dress code. Young starlets discovered color and local designers, local designers discovered PR – it didn't happen overnight, I know, but it's slowly arriving. Toda la el, amen.

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5. Touchy indie comedies

As the blockbuster relationship dramedy is slowly disappearing from the screen, the indies take over. I enjoyed "Frances Ha" and "Drinking Buddies" immensely, especially the latter – Olivia Wild finally wasn't annoying and the premise of the subtle screen really got to me. As for Frances, a.k.a Greta Gerwig, needless to say it was the hipster favorite of the year. I loved it, despite the over-thinking and the mumbling. Hopefully, more to come in 2014.

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