Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Swans

Some fashion-loving ladies out there call themselves "curators" - they "curate" clothes. Sometimes I think I accidentally curate dresses with animal prints on them. Not leopard prints, but little tigers, horses and donkeys. Adding to the collection - swans!

 photo IMG_5322_zpsc4a94bf4.jpg
 photo IMG_5325_zpsa6c98297.jpg
 photo IMG_5326_zpsc39f1d94.jpg
 photo IMG_5327_zpsf3e135b8.jpg

Dress - Silence and Noise
Sweater and Jacket -H&M

I love this flattering dress paired with a Christmas-y sweater. I'm also partial to modular, layered looks, which fit perfectly into the fickle climate. And next time - different boots, I swear. 


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