Friday, February 7, 2014

Direction: Uniform

While everyone's busy with next winter's projections, I live in the present. And in the present, it seems like the big woolly sweater and the little flimsy skirt are best friends:

 photo 0839022800_1_1_1_zpsd4fb7cd5.jpg
 photo bandofoursiders_zps6ce9f41f.jpg
Band of Outsiders at
 photo zara_zps95ca4634.jpg
Zara sale
 photo MANOUSH5E105EA05D905D50-5D705D505E805E305E605D905DC05D505DD05D905D705E605D705D505DC02013-1424_zps9b2dd096.jpg
I love this array of looks - perfect for concealing the winter muffin top (everyone has one, don't tell me otherwise), perfect for showing off some leg (with little booties) and feminine without being flashy. Besides, this uniform will lead you straight into the ZARA SALE wormhole... And it's not such a bad place to be right now.  

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