Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Regrets

Here's a little confession - the blog is soon to undergo some major changes. I've been talking about it for a while, but this time I mean - surprises await. I decided to post regrets, till then - regrets of summer, you know...
 photo 43_zpsa0f75ca1.jpg

1. Bodysuit, Etam, 2. Sunglasses, Erroca, 3. Bag, TOP 10, 4. Shoes, Golf, 5. Shorts,  American Eagle 
 photo 42_zps4cd59f78.jpg

1. Suit, Made by LilaMist. 2. Hat, TOP 10. 3. Bag, Mik an Mor, 4. Sandals, Clarks 

 photo 44_zps723f7c80.jpg

1. Shirt, Golf. 2. Shorts, Detla. 3. Ring, Tous. 4. Bag, Laster. 5. Shoes, Nine West

Summer is the time of adventure and road trips. Summer is the time of new relationships, swimming pools and resolutions. And, of course, regrets. Don't have too many, though. 


Liraz C. said...

Nice choices, shame Lilamist's clothes are of disappointing quality.

Clothes on Trees said...

yes, they're made out of synthetic fabrics which is a shame

Unknown said...

הסט השני כבש אותי לגמרי!!
גם בגלל הקשר שלו ללולפלוזה(:

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