Monday, January 21, 2013

Chicago guide: Part 2

In part 1 we maybe have discussed mostly food, but this time, due to the blog's original purposes, it's time to attend some fashion business! For your pleasure, I divided my input into two busy paragraphs – one about shopping and fashion brands, another – about a fun day of hair and culture. Enjoy!

The shopping triangle

As you may already know, I was lucky enough to live in Wicker Par, where the intersection of Damen, North Avenue and Milwakee await the shopper with an abundance of cute spending joints. Second hand and design prevail, plus some Portland-like touches: a soap shop with a manicure station, Mojo Spa, offers pampering with locally made creams. Myopic Books is a second-hand book heaven. Quimby's has all the magazines you can imagine. Plus, here are some brands discovered courtesy of the area:

 photo 4-5_zps94c1cf71.jpg
From top left clockwise: curiocities, Obey sweater, Myopic Books, great shoes

Obey: An American bran that's been around for a while, specializing in cozy knitwear, printed t-shirts and the rest of this great looking nonchalant style that looks so good in street fashion blogs.

DV Shoes: Also carry clothes, but the shoes are especially awesome.

Eskell: Local Chicago pride, this brand has delicately printed dresses and shirts begging to be worn. Don't let the gloomy model on the website confuse you – the clothes are divine.

 photo 3-10_zpsf6567e5f.jpg
Hot dogs, coffee, graffiti and hair - Chicago mix

Hair and culture day

This is a very girly, well-heated recommendation for a fun day in the city. One of Chicago's more "alternative" (read: foreign movies) theaters, the Landmark, is conveniently located at a half-deserted shopping mall, also the home of a very large Victoria's Secret store and the Aveda Institute, where you can famously get a haircut, highlights, and general pampering, at pretty funny prices compared to the rest of the market. Finally, you can watch a good movie, get your hair into shape and shop for lingerie at one spot, without ever having to leave the warm space. The film I saw was Rust and Bone, and it's a must even if you aren't super-cold and dying for shelter.

 photo IMG_3010_zps4ff01ae2.jpg

I'll leave you with the picture of the house that was my home for those cold, yet memorable weeks. See you next time back in California!

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