Saturday, January 26, 2013

The sexy book club

One of the best articles I recently read is A Reading's Man Guide to Dirty Books, by  GQ's Tom Bissell. Well written and wittily built, this piece of passionate literary masturbation attacks the silly "50 Shades of Grey" frenzy and brings back to memory other, more deserving, books about erotica love and sex. Some of them I've never heard of before, but Bissell's descriptions are so inviting, I immediately added the suggested books to my wish list (speaking of, I do WISH I had more time to read). Not only was I inspired to get my sexy reading on, the article also made me think of some sexy page turners in my own library. Plus, loyal to this blog's premise, I also thought of things you might want to wear in bed while reading them. While the winter's still here, and Valentine's Day nearing, this combination feels very timely.
 photo 13-1_zps313624ef.jpg

The book: Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami

The wibe: femme fatal meets librarian

1.Dress, Bebe 2. Glasses, Anne Fontain 3 and 5. Hand cream and perfume inWilde Rose by L'Occitane
4. Sweater, H&M  6. Socks, Intima

I remember the blessed time when me and everyone around were consumed in a Murakami dream, then in the peak of his stardom. The Japanese wizard's books, mystical and deeply sensual, tend to wrap you in images, sounds and fantasies, until you start wishing you'd lived in them. "Dance" is the first part of a trilogy - what about, hard to say exactly. Sheep, sexy women, empty hotels and elevators, it's all a part of something larger then you, and although sex scenes are scarce, the intensity of them surprised me.

 photo 16_zps043982c6.jpg

The book: The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan

The wibe: naughty but nice

1.Shirt, Numph 2. Nail Polish in Leading Lady, Essie 3. Sweatshirt, My Closet
4. Bra and panties, Leya London 5.Hand warmers, Hello Kitty

Don't be fooled by the cover - this is a pretty serious novel by a brilliant Australian author. Oh yes, there's a stripper named Doll, but the plot is far from trashy, as Flanagan makes a good point about fame, paranoia and social class. And yet the atmosphere of the book is dark, dirty and so very sexy, mixing up Doll's steamy adventures with gloomy realities.    

 photo 15_zps01e954a6.jpg

The book: Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi

The wibe: loose nonchalant

1.Tank top, Laline 2. Nail Polish in Oil Slick, Ciate 3.Hoodie, Splendid
4. Sweatpants, SACKS 6. Cozy, Hello Kitty

Some of you may have seen the movie - explicit nudity and all, but this small book deserves the time the acclaimed British author asks for. Intimacy - the elusive sentiment lurking at the bottom of "fucking", is the main interest of this book, filled with descriptions of random sex encounters between two complete strangers moving towards love.  


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

ליה said...

הבגדים לא ממש סקסיים בעיני לצערי...

sefi said...

Dance, dance, dance is an amazing book, can't wait to read the rest of this trilogy.

Shira said...

I love this post:)

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