Monday, May 27, 2013

Swimming pool dreams

I am obsessed with swimming pools. I wrote an article last week around heiresses, and stumbled upon the pool at the Getty mansion, which inspired this. Their turquoise luxury for ever looks better in photos and photo shoots. Their chlorine smells never comes through the paper, that's for sure. 

 photo jessica-hart5_zps2f868570.jpg
 photo jessica-hart6_zpsc1617207.jpg
Jessica Hart for Foam Magazine
 photo EvaDoll05_zps9422bbff.jpg
Friday Magazine
Massimo Vitali art
 photo 02_Carine_Roitfeld_favorite_swimming_pool_paris_Piscine_Pontoise_CR_Fashion_Book_second_issue_zps9acd72c4.jpg
From Carine Roifeld's book

Lucky me, they're featured everywhere these days, from dreamy art work to fashion books to editorials to campaigns. My favorite ones feature the pool in its full glory - bright, sunny, seductive. Happy end of May, everyone....

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הכוכב של ארווין said...

love the idea of fashion and swimming pool..

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