Monday, June 10, 2013

Cream of the Crop

I don't know how, in one month, I got from zero cropped sweaters to 4! I just don't. The "cropped" idea has always been on my mind, mostly with t-shirts and such, but a sweater? Then I online-spotted Jennifer Lopez in a cropped Topshop sweater with a tight pencil skirt and heels. I was hooked. Cropped sweaters are so fun and easygoing, as they "go" with pretty much everything. 

 photo IMG_4080_zpsa2e7caa1.jpg
 photo IMG_4078_zps084852a2.jpg
 photo IMG_4075_zps7a16c2fb.jpg

Sweater - Topshop, skirt - vintage, necklace - from Cuba

So this one is white, exactly like the one worn by Miss Lopez, and has the cutest cuts on the sides - rather slimming, I think. I'm in love, but even in the midst of passion I can admit a mistake - looking back, I think this combination would've looked better with some sort of heels. Since I rarely wear them, and this look, just like everything else on my blog, was actually photographed on the go, I was wearing flats. But say, if I was a true style-blogger warrior, heels (perhaps chunky wedges) could have been a better choice. 


Anonymous said...

I think wedge sneakers even!

Clothes on Trees said...

Not sure but thanx :)

Anonymous said...

first of all - finally you dropped the hebrew part, mazal tov!
secondly - the crowd demands to see you in crop+pencil a-la jen! :))

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