Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Isabel Marant and me

So everybody's talking about how H&M finally came back to their senses and summoned a popular collaborator. Covering the fashion industry for so many years, H&M collaborations pave my career like little rhinestones, some are shiny and brilliant, and some, well, are a bit off. I was there for Marni for H&M and I've touched (and wore) Lanvin and Sonya Ryikiel and ignored Margiela. But I must admit the announcement about Isabel Marant for H&M  excited my weary soul like no other -  try and explain your boyfriend why are you so hyped  at 2 a.m when he's completely unaware of the existence of both. 

 photo IMG_3956_zpse795a1f1.jpg

Marant is the wizard of understated sexy, the queen of cool, and she has a thing for cowboy shirts and huge sweaters - and while some of my colleagues, like Shelly Gross here, love her for the grey sweatshirts and Parisian jeans, I love her embellishments, embroidery and color. Let's see what H&M will go for. I'm  voting for all those bad-tasted wonderful things purists resented Marant for, after a while. 

 photo IMG_3961_zpse0c80743.jpg

Dress - Isabel Marant
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (I can't walk in them really)
Knitted Bag - Marina Fossati
All - from La Botega, Rishpon

I wore the "real" Marant just once - when visiting the designer outlet La Botega earlier this month. Walking among discounted Valentino, Kenzo and Roberto Cavalli, I found the lightest, sexiest snake-print dress, with Marant's attitude all over it. It begged for some fuchsia accents, and for a night out. I tried it on but didn't buy it, although it was very fairly priced, same as pretty much everything in this pastoral new store. I'll wait for November. 

 photo marantfavorites_zpsa40dca32.jpg
Right to left: Fall 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2013
And although I suspect a snake print dress is not going to be among the collaboration, I couldn't resist  following Shelly's lead and wishing for: the refined shirt. The knit of my dreams. The body of Arizona Muse so I could wear this beige duo. Au revoir, mes amis. 


Anonymous said...

I hope the dress is reincarnated!

Fashion Matters said...

amazing dress!!

Unknown said...

great look! This really suits you. I love H&M and Isabel marant! :)

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