Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jew Chic

San Francisco was charming as always, and in case you were wondering about the title - I've spent a day at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, where a fascinating exhibition named "Beyond Belief" took place. Variations on the theme of spirit, religion and magic beyond the Judaism, including i-pad stations asking you questions such as: "How do you cope with loss?". You choose an answer. You discover you answered like the majority of the visitors. Oh well. Nobody's special, not even the chosen people. 

 photo IMG_4371_zps0f33a7b3.jpg
 photo IMG_4381_zpsfd0b4750.jpg
 photo IMG_4375_zps090a16f8.jpg

I found this dress in a vintage store - over-sized, crazy, conservative. If I was a religious Jew, I would probably wear something like this every day. Ironically enough, the exhibit and the dress chose, in some divine order from above, to coexist that day. The belt, with little animals on it, is another great find from a garage sale in Napa.

 photo IMG_4386_zpsc2eaa4ee.jpg

This was my favorite image from the exhibit, but the museum has other surprises: Black Sabbath, the sound project linking black jazz musicians with Yiddish influences simply blew my mind - the ultimate jazzy hit "Matzo balls and Gefilte fish" hadn't left my head all day. Here it is:

Enjoy! And don't forget to air your modest Jew-chis once in a while!


m said...

the exhibition sounds good!

marjorie morningstar said...

מה שלבשת מקסים. מזכיר לי (כמובן) את הקולקציה החדשה של דורין פרנקפורט. הלוואי שמזג האוויר אצלנו היה מאפשר את זה כרגע. מה שכן, אם ההדפסים האלו הם באמת שמשות, כמו שנראה מהתמונה, לא בטוחה שבחורה דתיה הייתה לובשת את זה (עכו"ם והכל).

לגבי בלאק סבאת' - אין זכויות יוצרים על השם? לא הייתי מסתבכת עם שרון אוסבורן :P

Clothes on Trees said...

אחת התגובות :) זה אכן שמשות וירחים וכל מיני

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