Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 1

SO. After a week of hiatus and quiet, I'm back. No trees and small towns this time, I went to New York Fashion Week and survived my first day (so much fashion!!) to tell. I'm so tired and overwhelmed. And very excited. For a first-timer, fashion week can be a very trying experience, not short of humor - just imagine anime-looking Asian guys almost getting run over to photograph Joan Smalls upon leaving a show. I spent most of the day smiling in disbelief. 

What I saw: Lacoste. Jil Stuart. Alexander Wang. Altuzarra. The pajama still rules and so do stripes, pastels, um, pajama-like jackets. Interesting and distracting shapes around the belly, good news no doubt. Altuzarra had dreamy metallic gold, too. 

 photo IMG_4616_zps57533135.jpg
Alexander Wang does white gloves now
 photo IMG_4626_zps781cfa9e.jpg
Photogenic commotion
 photo IMG_4608_zps6905a5d0.jpg
All the girls are so pretty this season", said a security guard"
 photo IMG_4629_zpsf2563e76.jpg
Privileges and my favorite water!

Who I met: Maggie Gylennhaal, in the bathroom. Edie Campbell's thighs. Kanye West's limo. All the bloggers. My colleague Rey Segev, who's going to take over the big apple soon. And - sigh - my not-so-secret crush Terry Richardson. This is where I lost all inhibitions and took a picture with him. I'm a terrible mingler, so I mostly paparazzied beautiful black girls. 

 photo IMG_4609_zpsff745088.jpg
Rey and I in Central Park, although you can't really tell
 photo IMG_4627_zps8e47ca4d.jpg
Oh, terry. I'll switch dots for plaid, any time
 photo IMG_4578b_zps71113657.jpg
Great attitude, even greater colors

What I wore: Humble yet stylish Asos and vintage. Arriving for the first time, you don't want to don your most colorful outfit and run to the streets - better check the water first. So I went for a pattern mix, not too much but no too casual either. My goal: wear nothing but cheap, second-hand or vintage to this super-expensive feast of fashion. 

 photo IMG_4575_zps5f5cbc58.jpg

In the spirit of Fashion Week, I had to pull in together and pretend I have a perfect figure - I used this little trick called Roundbum, a neat little pair of underwear that packs your bum and lifts it to supermodel level - crucial with a figure-hugging skirt like this. Made by Roundwear, my beige new friend is quite fun to wear, even if I can't show'em! So heels, lifting panties...what will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!


marjorie morningstar said...

איזו חוויה מדהימה! מחכה להמשך בקוצר רוח.

לאיזו פלטפורמה בארץ את מסקרת את שבוע האופנה? ויותר חשוב - גם הנעליים המקסימות האלו הן יד שנייה, או שניתן להשיג אותן איפשהו?

Anonymous said...

So cool! Can't wait to hear more.

Shira W

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