Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 2

Getting to know the grid and the spaces, day 2 was inevitable less stressful. Plus, I decided not to sweat it and wore flats, which elevated my mood to heights no heels possibly could. This day begun on a bright note with smaller designers, and ended with a huge, loud show in a dark hangar stuffed with Asian fashionistos - intimacy, note to myself, is a much needed and rather lacking product at Fashion Week.

 photo IMG_4667_zps54b7a79a.jpg
Wonderful prints at Jeremy Laing
What I saw: Lela Rose. Jeremy Laing. Creatures of Comfort. Y-3. The first two actually presented un-boring, spring-like, wearable clothes - the prints are yummy. Granted, I was pretty late to Creatures of Comfort, but the venue and the setting were adorable. Y-3 had live drumming. One word: Wrong. 

 photo IMG_4654_zps99e4e8ba.jpg
Suzy Bubble and blonds in the front row across

 photo IMG_4676_zps27c2d369.jpg
Endless lines outside Y-3
 photo IMG_4671_zps57b27150.jpg
A colorful reporter caught my eye
What else did I do: Checked out Opening Ceremony's pop up store by the river. Got pampered at the Birchbox lounge. I took the day easy and let myself enjoy Sunday delights - Opening Ceremony has a delightful space on pier 57, including table-tennis and ice cream, and right across the street, Birchbox offers free make-up samples and an brow-bar (terrifying!) for "insiders" - even if they are from an Israeli magazine the girls at the door never heard of. Free samples. Including this thing I'm going to try, dry shampoo. 

 photo IMG_4646_zps662ef8da.jpg
Nothing like a good pop-up
What I wore: A starry dress and flats, yes!! My feet hurt so badly from yesterday, I decided to do it Sunday style and went for relaxing flats. The dress, made by my mom's tailor back when she thought having a tailor is a posh idea, compensated. Plus, Liat Ginzburg's earrings!

 photo IMG_4642_zps17f3003e.jpg

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!

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