Monday, September 9, 2013

My Fashion Week: Day 3

By day 3, I got used to Fashion Week - used to the posing, used to the commotion, used to the seating arrangements, to my own defeat by heels. But the fun doesn't stop! 

What I saw: Carolina Herrera. Tommy Hilfiger. Assembly. Karen Walker. Maki Oh. Fashion-wise, it was a very successful day - I loved most of the shows and didn't feel sad and bored under a pile of pinstripes. Karen Walker was an explosion of color and luxe fabrics. Hilfiger brought the wet suit back, plus sand. And Maki Oh, a relatively new designer, showed amazing dresses and textures - again, I got a big admiration for African taste apparently.

 photo IMG_4723_zps9df596c9.jpg
Karen Walker does summer with a capital S
 photo IMG_4735_zps4a102d22.jpg
Cool nails and beautiful prints at Maki Oh

Who I met: Anna Wintour and her doppelganger. Molly Sims, the celebrity mystery. The Man Reppeler. Jessica Joffe. Nina Garcia. A big day for industry insiders and icons - such a Bill Cunningham, the photographer I had to preach a couple of tourists about. Isn't Joan pretty? Also discovered Noam Frost, our very own Israeli model, at the Arkas presentation. I smiled at her, she must have thought I'm a lunatic. 

 photo IMG_4712_zps8febfca5.jpg
Noam, representing
 photo IMG_4702_zpscb77176a.jpg
Not a local, but oh so gorgeous - Joan Smalls
 photo IMG_4683_zps250d2b51.jpg
The one and only - Bill

What I wore: My BF's shirt, a vintage skirt and belt, my favorite "cheap hooker" clutch. Another day for flats - I realized that ladies who prance around on sky-scraper hills can probably afford taxis everywhere and don't have to walk from Lincoln Center to the pears and back. Plus, I needed some pick-me-up comfort due to a major lack of energy, thus - the shirt. With a fierce red lip, anything goes I think. 

 photo IMG_4700_zpsa568b9e0.jpg

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned!

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sefi said...

מהמם פשוט..
שבוע האופנה לא עושה לי ממש חשק אבל הלוק שלך עם החולצה המשובצת ממש מקסים.

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